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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 98: She Was Super Interested in this Subject

After resting for another night, Stella got much better from the cold.

However, she had slept too much the previous day. Hence, in the morning, she woke up at eight o’clock.

When Stella walked downstairs, Dolores was preparing breakfast. She probably didn’t expect that Stella would get up too early today, “Morning, Stella. Wait for a moment. The breakfast would be ready soon.”

“It’s alright, Ms. Anderson. I’m not hungry yet. I’ll have a walk outside.”

“Okay. Come back on time.”


It was getting cooler recently. Although a trace of sunshine fell through the cloud, she didn’t feel warm.

The bridge was covered with golden leaves, symbolizing the arrival of autumn.

Stella walked slowly. When she was reaching the door and about to enter, she was pulled by someone from the back.

She turned around, “Hi, Ms. Beckham?”

Evelyn peeped into the house in secret, and then she made a gesture to shush Stella. She dragged Stella into her house.

Stella was confused and asked, “Ms. Beckham, what’s wrong?”

Evelyn closed the door and said, “Stella, I want to ask you what kind of person do you think Mr. Conrad is?”

It seemed that Evelyn wanted to know more about Clarence. Stella was super interested in this subject.

She could keep bitching about the wretched man continuously for three days and nights.

After a thought, Stella asked, “Ms. Beckham, why do you want to know?”

Evelyn said, “You know he is Dolores’ son, right?”

Stella nodded.

“Don’t you think it’s so coincident? This community was about to be torn down and rebuilt, but suddenly Dolores’ son showed up. He hasn’t come to see his mother in the past twenty years at all. What an unfilial son!”


“I’ve been thinking for a whole night yesterday. I found that there was a new fraud that targeted the elderly who live alone and don’t have children. The fraud will cheat the elderly for money with a fake identity.”

Stella was amused.

She wondered if Evelyn was way too good at imagination.

Evelyn was so worried, “Otherwise, how can it make any sense? He hasn’t been in touch with Dolores in the past twenty years. Now the community is to be torn down and Dolores would get the compensation. He suddenly showed up. I don’t think it’s normal.”

“Wait... Ms. Beckham. Have you forgotten that Clarence.copy right hot novel pub

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