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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 91: Done Hugging Me?

Stella gritted her teeth tightly, wondering if he meant that she was not even a human in his opinion.

Before she retorted, Clarence said flatly, “Change your outfit. Have a walk with me.”

“Didn’t you walk around yesterday?”

“You had meals yesterday. Why would you have meals again today?”

Stella couldn’t find her tongue.

What a jerk!

She hurriedly turned around and smashed her door close. Then she locked it from the inside.

Clarence cast a glance at the lock, raising his head. As if he had thought about something, his Adam’s apple bobbed.

He withdrew his gaze and cleared his throat, “I’ll wait for you downstairs. Hurry up.”

Stella’s unhappy voice was heard from the room, “Got it.”

Could he just stop urging her?

If he was in a hurry, why didn’t he just go himself?

Stella still put on another vintage dress from Dolores, the style of which wasn’t favored by Clarence.

In order to make the wretched man wait longer, she slowly put on makeup.

When Stella walked downstairs, Clarence was standing in the yard with his back towards her. With one hand on the pocket of his suit trousers, he stood upright, talking on the phone in English.

His voice was deep and magnetic with traces of chill, quite pleasant to hear.

Sure enough, the wretched man would always look handsome whenever he was hard working.

Two minutes later, Clarence finished the call. He turned around and looked at Stella, who looked away immediately, “Mr. Conrad, sorry for keeping you wait. I...” she said.

Stella thought that Clarence would mock at her again, but he only put the phone into his pocket and said indifferently, “Let’s go.”

All the neighbors joined Evelyn’s tourist team. Usually, they would be sitting outside their houses or along the rivers. Currently, they were all gone, so the whole street was extremely quiet.

The sunshine covered this ancient long street in peace.

Stella was walking by Clarence’s side, keeping a distance from him. From time to time, she kicked a stone on the ground.

At the end of the street, there was a wide river.

Stella used to watch the sunset here every day.

Usually, a lot of neighbors of Anqiao Street would play chess or walk around with the caged birds around here. Now since they were gone, it was quiet along the river with only a few passersby and running children for fun.

Standing beside the river, Clarence stared at the scenery in distance, lost in thought.

Stella was standing behind him, yawning.

She was almost killed by the sleepiness.

How could he be so energetic?

When Stella was dizzy, she heard Clarence’s voice, “Come over.copy right hot novel pub

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