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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 90: I Never Entered Another Person’s Bedroom

On the second day, when Stella woke up, the sun was shining outside the window.

Yawning, she went downstairs. Faintly, she saw someone sitting in the yard. She didn’t look closer, “Good morning, Ms. Anderson.”

“It’s almost ten o’clock. Morning?”

Stella was shocked.

She rubbed her eyes, only to find that it wasn’t Ms. Anderson who was sitting at the stone table. Instead, it was Clarence who was having breakfast.

Stella was taken aback, “Where is Ms. Anderson?”

“She’s out.”

Stella gaped and said, “Why are you here?”

Clarence turned around and cast her a glance. He said in a flat tone, “Why can’t I be here?”

That made sense.

Anyway, he’s Ms. Anderson’s son. He had proper reasons to be here.

Stella wondered if the mother and the son had been reconciled.

Noticing that Stella’s expression kept changing, Clarence withdrew his gaze, “If you continue getting lost here, you can have lunch directly.”

It wasn’t until now did Stella came back to her senses. She went to the kitchen and got her breakfast.

After sitting opposite Clarence, she found that the sleeves on his white shirt were rolled up. The collar was open slightly. It seemed that he had stayed here overnight.

There were another two or three empty rooms in Ms. Anderson’s house, but Stella was surprised that he directly stayed here overnight. Didn’t they need to calm down their feelings?

Staying in the same house and having breakfast at the same table with him again, Stella had an indescribable feeling.

Clarence put down his spoon, “Can you get full just by staring at me?”

Stella immediately lowered her head, taking sips of the porridge in her bowel.

While she was eating, there were a few knocks on the door. Then, Nathan came in with a suitcase in his hands, “Mr. Conrad, here are your clothes.”

Stella was confused.

She wondered if that meant Clarence would stay here for a long time.

Clarence hummed, “Put it over there.”

Nathan nodded slightly. After nodding at Stella as greeting, he turned away.

Stella was choked up directly. After a long while, she stopped coughing, “Mr. Conrad... Don’t you go back to City N?”

“Why so hurry? Do you think the acquisition and building of the hotel resort will be completed within one or two days?”

Stella shut up.

She hoped that he could ignore her question.

For the whole morning, Dolores didn’t come back home. Clarence was working in the yard. Stella originally wanted to go back to her room and continue with her design. However, as soon as she moved, Clarence asked her to pour a glass of water for him.

After several times, Stella was a bit pissed, “Mr.copy right hot novel pub

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