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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 9: I’m Pregnant

Stella raised her head and gazed at the tower’s glass windows. Although she could not see what was inside clearly, she could still sense a pair of cold eyes watching her silently that made her felt a chill down her spine. She wondered how much Clarence would hate her due to the mess, he might even want to kill her.

Stella squeezed herself through the crowd under the help of the bodyguards brought by Nathan. Looking at Jeffrey who was messing on the ground in a ridiculous way, she felt extremely tired. “What do you want?” Seeing her, Jeffrey stood to his feet and patted the dust on his shirt. “It’s a good timing to ask Clarence to come down.

“I’ve told you, his money has nothing to do with me.” Having heard that, Jeffrey raised his voice. “How could that have nothing to do with you? Are you going to let him sleep you for free for three years? Nonsense! When he plays with other woman outside, would other woman let him go if he doesn’t pay them money?”

Stella opened her mouth yet she realized she had nothing to say to him. She turned around and said to Nathan, “Call the police.” Nathan slightly nodded. Seeing Stella leaving, Jeffrey quickly held her back. “How could you leave like that? For how do you think I’m here? I only want to take a little of the money we get, the rest is all yours! And look at you, you’re even giving me the bad look now, I’ve wasted so many years raising you!”

Stella tossed his hand away and retorted, “You can continue to mess around as you want, I can have two days of peace after you’re taken away anyway. And, I’ll not bail you out, neither will Channing. You can stay at the police station nicely, there are food and drinks, and the creditor can’t get you too.”

Jeffrey slapped her in the face and glared. “Are you serious? I’ve had hard time raising you and your brother until you grow up, now you’re getting rebellious. Why, do you think you could disdain me after you’ve married a rich guy?”

“You can think whatever you want.” The bystanders became more and more and Stella did not want to stay there even for a second. She lowered her head and hurriedly left. Jeffrey did not manage to get Clarence down after messing around for almost the whole day. Although Stella had come, she left shortly. Since they had called the police, he would really have a huge trouble if he was caught and kept in the police station. He growled at the bodyguards and said, “Tell your president that I’ll come again after a few days!”

The crowd dispersed after Jeffrey left. Nathan walked into the building and said to the man who was standing in front of the French window, “Mr. Conrad, it’s already settled.” Clarence was shoving one of his hands into the pocket while holding a phone. He possessed an indifferent aura. He then spoke, “Where’s Stella?”

“She’s left.”

Clarence sneered.copy right hot novel pub

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