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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 87: I’ll Call You Clarence Instead

In the ancestral hall, except for the empty seat next to Stella, others had all arrived and sat down.

Evelyn said, “Alas... What happened to Alex? Is there traffic?” Then she looked at Stella, “Stella, I forgot to bring my cell phone. Would you mind calling Alex, please? Ask him where he is now.”

As she spoke, she also winked at the neighbors sitting next to her complacently.

Stella was speechless.

Evelyn’s intention was way too obvious, wasn’t it?

Dolores heaved a sigh in silence, “I’ll call him.”

Evelyn pushed her slightly, “Dolores, what’s wrong with you? By the way, I suddenly recall that we still have two dishes in the kitchen. Come on, help me take them out.”

As she spoke, Evelyn dragged Dolores away.

Other neighbors at the table seemed to be in Evelyn’s plan, “Stella, could you please call Alex? Otherwise, the dishes are turning cold.”

“Yeah. Ask him where he is now.”

Stella exhaled. When she was about to pull out her cell phone, Alexander’s voice suddenly was heard, “Not necessary. I’m sorry for keeping you wait.”

“Alex, you...”

The mid-aged woman who spoke suddenly paused, because another man was standing next to him.

In a hurry, Alexander made the introduction, “This is Mr. Conrad. I’m sure you met him yesterday.”

“Oops, Mr. Conrad is more handsome than the actors on TV. How can we forget him?”

“Exactly. Nice to meet you, Mr. Conrad. I stood quite far away from you yesterday so I didn’t greet you. Mr. Conrad, you are so young. Do you have a girlfriend? Have you got married? My daughter is working in City N. She...”

“Cut the crap. Come on. Mr. Conrad is our honored guest. Please have a seat.”

There was an uproar in the ancestral hall. Besides Stella’s table, all the neighbors knew that Clarence had attended their gathering. They came over to greet him.

Alexander’s heart jumped into his throat directly, afraid that such an uproar would annoy Clarence. He secretly studied Clarence’s expression and found it was not bad. Although Clarence was always expressionless, he wasn’t running out of patience yet.

However, as a superior tycoon, he should be always moody. Alexander was still worried that probably he would run out of patience soon, so he dared not to let him stand for a long time. He squeezed through the crowds and asked them to go back to their seats.

Finally, it quieted down. Someone came over and said, “Mr.copy right hot novel pub

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