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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 85: Don’t Do Anything Meaningless

At noon, when Dolores was cooking, Stella went to the kitchen to help her.

Dolores said, “The kitchen is quite small. Why are you here to make it so crowded? Just wait outside.”

Stella said with a smile, “Ms. Anderson, could you please make a bit more soup?”

“Can you finish all?”

“I...” Stella rolled her eyes. “My friend also wants to drink it. I want to share the soup with him later.”

Dolores knew clearly who her “friend” was. She didn’t answer but put more water into the pot. She said indifferently, “Just up to you.”

Stella held back her laughter. “Okay, Ms. Anderson. I’ll wait outside then.”

Dolores hummed.

In the yard, Stella supported her chin with one hand, curling up her lips into a smile. She finally knew why Clarence always affirmed with his lips but denied in his heart -- he inherited the character from someone.

After lunch, Stella put the soup into Dolores’ insulation pail, took it, and walked slowly to the hotel.

Nathan showed her to the door of Clarence’s room. “Ms. Radomil, Mr. Conrad now... I’m afraid he wouldn’t want to meet you.”

Not to mention Stella, he didn’t see anyone.

Stella said, “It’s alright. I just want to talk to him very quickly. If he doesn’t want to see me, I’m fine with it.”

Nathan nodded. “Okay. Ms. Radomil, please call me if you need anything.”

Then he left this battlefield-going-to-be as soon as possible.

Stella pressed the doorbell and called, “Mr. Conrad, can you hear me?”

She heard no response from the inside.

After a few seconds, Stella pressed the doorbell again. She raised her voice. “Mr. Conrad, I bought you some fish soup. If you don’t come out, I’ll finish it myself.”

There was still no response.

The wretched man was so calm.

After a few minutes, Stella said in disappointment, “Mr. Conrad, since you don’t want to meet me, I’m taking off. I’ll go to a place where nobody could find me, so you wouldn’t be bothered...”

Before she finished her words, the locked door in front of her was opened suddenly. Clarence looked at her expressionlessly. “Are you done?”

Stella looked quite depressed. “I came here to say the last goodbye to you, Mr. Conrad. Thank you for being so broad-minded and not getting even with me all the time.”

Clarence didn’t look at her at all, snorting. “You said I’m dignified, domineering, and bullying last night.copy right hot novel pub

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