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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 84: Why Was This Couple Fighting Every Day?

Stella subconsciously stood in front of Clarence to hide him. “Nobody, Ms. Anderson. A friend of mine. I...”

However, she had totally forgotten that Clarence was far taller than she was. She couldn’t hide him at all.

Dolores looked over at her, but she wasn’t looked at Stella. She was looking at the man behind Stella.

After a few seconds of silence, Stella heard Clarence’s voice, which sounded like arctic ice. “I’m leaving now.”


Just now, she spoke so rudely to him but he wasn’t willing to leave. She wondered why he changed his mind so fast.

After Clarence strode away for a few steps, Dolores said again, “Clare, wait...”

As if he hadn’t heard it, Clarence strode away.

Stella was taken aback, standing motionlessly in confusion.

She noticed that Dolores looked pale. Before figuring it out, she followed Clarence out.

Nathan, who was waiting outside the house, was also confused. Just now Mr. Conrad looked fine when walking in, why did he look like he would eat someone alive when coming out?

He wondered why this couple was fighting every day.

As soon as Clarence reached his car, Stella caught up with him. She yelled, “Wait, Mr. Conrad!”

Clarence didn’t react to it at all. He pulled the door open, bent over, and sat in.

Nathan looked over at Stella in confusion.

Stella looked back at Nathan in confusion, too.

Obviously, neither of them knew what was going on.

However, Clarence had already sat in the car, so Nathan didn’t dare to delay. He walked to the driver’s seat.

Stella had to stay motionlessly, watching the black Maybach leave.

After a long time, she heard Dolores’s exhausted voice at the door. “Stella, come back.”

Stella withdrew her gaze and walked to her. “Yes, Ms. Anderson.”

Dolores took a look in the direction where Clarence was gone. “Is Clare... your friend?”

“Not really,” Stella said in a low voice, “Ms. Anderson, do you know him?”

Dolores was lost in thought. After a few seconds, she returned to her senses. She put on a wry smile. “He’s the CEO of Conrad Group. I’ve seen his photo in the newspaper before.”

If she didn’t explain in this way, Stella wouldn’t figure it out, but...copy right hot novel pub

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