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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 82: What Do You Think, Ms. Radomil

The banquet was reserved in a famous restaurant that sold the local specialties. When Stella arrived downstairs, she saw Alexander who was waiting for her at the entrance.

She looked over and Alexander also saw her. Waving at her, he said, “Stella, over here.”

Stella walked over. “I’m sorry, but there was traffic on the way. I’m a bit late.”

Alexander rubbed his head shyly as if he still felt a bit embarrassed for what happened last night. “It’s alright. Mr. Conrad hasn’t arrived yet. It’s cold outside. Let’s get in.”

Alexander took Stella to a private box, in which there were a few managers from his company, who were all senior executives. Alexander introduced Stella to them one after another.

After the introduction, Alexander’s direct manager said with a smile, “I’ve heard Alex mention you a lot of times, Ms. Radomil. You are really gorgeous.” As he spoke, he patted Alexander on the shoulders and whispered in his ear, “How lucky you are!”

Alexander smiled shyly.

Other executives might have heard Stella’s name as well, so they started echoing and praising Alexander, putting on a lot of good words for him.

In such a circumstance, Stella couldn’t retort for the sake of their dignities. Moreover, she had made it clear to Alexander last night. Hence, she echoed, “Yeah. Mr. Hans is a nice man.”

As soon as she finished her words, the private box suddenly quieted down.

Alexander’s direct manager rushed over to the door of the box. “Good evening, Mr. Conrad.”

Stella was speechless.

Other executives also followed over and greeted Clarence.

Clarence responded to them indifferently. Finally, he gazed at Stella.

One of the executives said, “Mr. Conrad, this is Stella, living in Anqiao Street. She’s also Alex’s neighbor.”

Clarence hummed. Then he bypassed her and walked into the box.

The executive coughed and followed him. “Mr. Conrad, please sit here.”

At the round table, Clarence was sitting in the host’s seat. Next to his both sides were sitting the most senior executives, and others sat sequentially.

Stella was sitting next to Alexander.

During the dinner, Alexander noticed that Stella almost didn’t eat anything, so he kept picking up food for her. “Stella, try this. This is the most famous local specialty here. It’s quite tasty.”

Stella raised her head and smiled at him. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” As he spoke, Alexander picked up another dish for her. “This is good, too.copy right hot novel pub

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