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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 81: Awake by Anger at Midnight

Stella pushed the door open in depressing, sitting on the chair in the yard.

Dolores walked out of the house. Seeing Stella, she asked, “Didn’t you say you are dealing with something? Why did you come back so soon?”

Stella heaved a sigh, shaking her head. “It should be fine now.”

Originally, she thought that Clarence came here on purpose. Besides, Nathan replied to her so fast, so she thought that he would wait for her to beg him. Much to her surprise, his appearance here was on such a high profile. It seemed that he had determined to carry out the hotel resort plan. Hence, it would be useless to beg him.

She had to admit that the wretched man was way too heartless.

After a moment, Stella asked, “Ms. Anderson, do you know this area is about to be torn down?”

Dolores nodded, sitting next to her to sorting out something. “Yeah, I’ve heard about it.”

“Where are you moving to?”

“Not sure yet. The developer is still planning now. Even after the permission is obtained, it will take them some time to carry it out. Just wait and see.”

Stella was worried as well. The baby was growing up in her belly. It would be inconvenient for her whenever she would go.

Dolores raised her head and cast her a glance. She said in a flat tone, “If you don’t know where to move to, you can stay with me.”

Stella’s eyes were lit up. She became more spiritual suddenly. “May I?”

“I’m all by myself anyway. It’s alright if you are staying with me.”

Stella smiled. “Thank you, Ms. Anderson.”

Although it seemed that the problem had been resolved, since Clarence showed up, Stella had a hunch that her comfortable and peaceful life would be gone soon.

Right then, it was quite noisy on the street on the side. She wondered what was going on.

Stella looked over subconsciously through the wall full of green vines, lost in thought.

Dolores asked, “Stella, do you want to check on them?”

Upon hearing it, Stella withdrew her gaze. She faintly smiled and shook her head. “It should be the developer. Nothing interesting.”

Stella didn’t want to take a look, and neither did Dolores. The latter always enjoyed the peace and quietness and was never interested in watching the fun.

Shortly, the noise went afar. Evelyn pushed their door open and walked in with a big smile. “Hey, Dolores, Stella, why are you still here? It’s so noisy outside. How could you stay home?”

Stella was a bit surprised. Earlier, when the rumor said that this area would be built into a hotel resort, Evelyn was extremely worried. She wondered why Evelyn became so happy now.

Evelyn sat at the table and said delightfully, “The representative of the developer is quite young and handsome, better looking than those actors. If I were twenty years younger, I would..copy right hot novel pub

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