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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 80: Sure Enough, He Never Planned to Let Her Go

Under the moonlight in silence, Stella saw the man’s straight nose bridge, thin lips, and harsh outline of his chin.

He looked up slightly as if he was looking at the sky. He didn’t notice her appearance.

In the conditional reflex, Stella turned around and wanted to run away. However, she saw Nathan standing not far away from her, nodding.

She could only turn around and walked to Clarence. Finally, she stood in front of him, “Hi, Mr. Conrad. Why are you here?”

Clarence didn’t change his gesture. His voice sounded peaceful and lonely in the darkness, “Shall I ask Nathan to give you my schedule?”

Stella was speechless.

If he didn’t want to tell her, she didn’t care at all. He didn’t need to be so sarcastic, did he?

Stella wondered why he was doing here. After standing for a moment, she asked tentatively again, “Mr. Conrad, when did you come here? Have you had dinner yet? If not, I can...”

“When he said ‘my parents are teachers in the county of my hometown’.”

Stella frowned, “You eavesdropped on our conversation, didn’t you?”

Clarence slowly turned around and looked at her expressionlessly, “I just happened to overhear it. If you are afraid of being eavesdropped, why didn’t you close the door and have a private talk?”

Stella inhaled deeply. She tried to ignore him.

Clarence continued, “I didn’t expect you are so popular in men. Horace Jason just got engaged, some other man fought hard to be the father of your baby. It happened so seamlessly.”

“I’m so flattered, Mr. Conrad. I don’t think I’m so comparable to your popularity in women.”

Clarence was choked up.

His gaze fell on Stella’s outfit, looking up and down. His handsome brows were creased slightly, “What are you wearing?”

Stella tossed her hair back. She looked away, “It’s fashion. You don’t know it.”

Clarence snorted. He stood up, tidied up his sleeves, bypassed her, and left.

Stella stood motionlessly for a few seconds, and then she turned around, only to find that Clarence bent over and sat in the black Maybach that was parked nearby.

After the car roared away for a long time, she was still confused.

She didn’t expect that he would just leave like this.

She wondered why he didn’t blame her after coming here deliberately. Was it because he was upset so he came over to sicken her?

Stella was so puzzled.

When she arrived home, Dolores was watering the flowers in the yard. Upon hearing the sound of opening the door, she didn’t raise her head and asked, “Have you made it clear to him?”


Dolores stood upright, “If not mistaken, I guess you should have rejected Alex. Since the problem is resolved, why are you still so upset?”

Stella parted her lips.copy right hot novel pub

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