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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 8: Is That What a Man should Do?

Stella smiled and got up. “Watch your TV.” After going downstairs, she headed to the supermarket next door after finished buying the stuff in the pharmacy. After buying the things Sherry wanted, she looked at the sanitary pad packages on the rack and suddenly realized her period had not come for almost two months.

Ever since she had suffered a miscarriage three years ago, her menstrual cycle had been unstable and her period always came every two or three months. She assumed her period was going to come soon. In case that happened, she took a few more packages.

After paying the bill and getting ready to leave, a woman walked in and bumped into her shoulder. She did not apologize for making her drop her shopping bags, and had even patted her clothes with a disgusted look. “Are you blind?” Stella lifted her head and looked at her. There was a cold light in her eyes. “Have you not learnt how to walk after so long?”

Annie Conrad glanced at her and there was contempt in her arrogant look. “Oh, it’s you. What are you doing here this late? Could it be you’re secretly dating with other man when my cousin’s not around?” Stella was lazy to spend time on her. She stooped and picked up the shopping bags on the floor, saying blandly, “Annie Conrad, since you’ve escaped to another country, you shouldn’t come back. You might not know yet, I’m not only evil and cruel, I’m also vengeful.”

Having heard that, Annie’s expression slightly changed and she could not help but take two steps backward. “What are you trying to do?” Stella raised her eyebrow. “Nothing, but you better not get pregnant for the rest of your life, or else you might need to look out for me at any time. Who knows when I want to take revenge, and I’ll approach you by all means and…” As she spoke, she glanced at her with a level look.

Although Annie was still far from getting pregnant, she was still frightened by her look. “Are you mad? Only you yourself know whether you’re pregnant or not, don’t think you could blame it on me when I’ve just accidentally bumped into you. Plus, try doing anything to me! The Conrad’s won’t let you off! And…my cousin would certainly divorce you, and chase you out of the house, you can forget about getting anything from it!”

“It’s worth the try, I don’t mind.”

“You’re mad!” Annie scolded, turned around and left with big strides. She was secretly guilty and nervous. After getting out of the supermarket, she pulled the door of a Land Rover parked beside the road open with a gloomy look. The man sitting inside asked blandly, “Aren’t you suppose to buy drinks?”

As if she had been waiting for him to speak, Annie complained, “Horace, do you still remember the woman I’ve told you back then, who used her fake pregnancy as an excuse to force my cousin to marry her? I’ve actually met her here, I feel so disgusted just by thinking about that.copy right hot novel pub

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