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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 78: Must Kill Her

Before leaving, Horace stared at Clarence for a long time, wondering if Clarence had known that Stella was pregnant.

“Mr. Jason,” Clarence called him and said in a flat tone, “I don’t hope such a matter would happen again in the future.”

Horace paused his pace. After thinking for a while, he asked, “Mr. Conrad, since you said so, are you worried about Annie Conrad?”

Clarence didn’t answer, but instead, he asked, “After all, she’s my cousin. Shouldn’t I?”

“I’m indeed surprised. Mr. Conrad, although you are a disqualified husband, at least you are a good cousin.”

Clarence’s expression changed gradually, gazing at him coldly.

Horace nodded at him slightly and turned away.

Clarence looked back, only to find Annie was standing not far away. Dempsey and Joanna were sitting on the sofa, both looking annoyed.

It was originally Horace’s fault. However, after making a fuss, Annie couldn’t give them the evidence. Instead, it looked like that the Conrad family was making trouble out of nothing.

Dempsey snapped, “Annie Conrad, tell me the matter from the beginning to the end in details. Is it Horace didn’t want to admit or you made trouble out of nothing?”


In Clarence’s presence, Annie didn’t have the guts to make any trouble. Fortunately, Justin saved her. He said, “Annie is too young and she cares about her love. It’s normal she would misunderstand something. Since the matter was explained clearly, the Jason family didn’t complain either.”

As he spoke, Justin said to Annie, “Annie, you can’t do this again next time. Both Mr. Jason and you are adults. If you want to be with him together longer, you should resolve the conflicts with him in private. You can’t bother the elders from both families again.”

Annie lowered her head, feeling wronged, “I see.”

Since Justin said so, Dempsey didn’t have the heart to blow up. He was so angry but couldn’t vent his anger. After a sneer, he walked upstairs with his walking stick.

After he was gone, Joanna also stood up. Casting Annie a glance and glanced at Clarence, she also left, lost in thought.

Justin said, “Annie, please send me back to my room.”

As if she was rescued, Annie immediately answered, pushing Justin’s wheelchair into the elevator.

However, after she had just relaxed, she encountered Clarence on the way back to her room.


With a hand in his pocket, Clarence said with a cold look, “Follow me.”

She followed Clarence to the garden. Biting her lower lip, Annie couldn’t help but ask, “Clarence, I didn’t insult her. I also didn’t tell Uncle and Aunt who she is.copy right hot novel pub

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