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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 77: Misunderstanding

On the next day, when Clarence walked downstairs, Nathan rushed in, “Mr. Conrad, something happened.”

No matter before or after the engagement, Horace always treated Annie coldly. Besides, both the Conrad and the Jason families considered this marriage for convenience as business cooperation. None of them cared if the young couple-to-be would love each other.

Probably Annie was the only one who cared about this marriage.

Before the engagement, she might be afraid that Horace would reject this marriage, so she restrained herself a big. After the engagement, she felt feel reassured and emboldened.

The matter that Stella got pregnant was like a thorn stabbed in her heart. Hence, she also blamed Stella for how cold and distant Horace treated her.

Besides, she knew that Stella didn’t get pregnant after marrying her cousin for three years. Once they divorced, she got pregnant. Hence, Annie guessed that Horace was the father of the baby for sure.

Hence, in the early morning today, Annie started making a fuss at the dining table. However, she was quite smart that she didn’t mention Stella’s name. She just said a woman got Horace’s baby and asked Dempsey to be her backer.

If Dempsey would look into the matter and find out the woman was Stella, Annie didn’t think that it has anything to do with her.

Upon hearing it, Dempsey went ballistic. It was alright if they didn’t love each other, but this matter was relevant to the Conrad family’s dignity. Moreover, it had only been a few days after their engagement, but this matter was exposed at this critical moment, which was a scandal of the Jason family. It would impact their cooperation absolutely.

Nathan continued, “Your father asked the Jason family for an explanation. The Jasons should be on the way to the Conrads’ Mansion now.”

Clarence’s expression didn’t change. He asked in a flat tone, “How did Annie find it?”

“I’m not certain. I’ll look into the matter now.”

“Not necessary.” Clarence strode out. He said in a cold tone, “I’ll go ask her.”


In the Conrads' Mansion…

With both hands pressing on the walking stick, Dempsey sat on the sofa and didn’t speak with a cold face.

Opposite him, Annie kept weeping.

Hearing her sobs for a long time, Dempsey started running out of patience, “It has already happened. What’s so useful if you weep. You wanted to marry Horace in the beginning. He doesn’t like you at all. Sooner or later he would have a mistress outside.”

Annie said in a grievance tone, “But it’s that woman who keeps pestering him. Now she got his baby. They don’t care how I feel at all.copy right hot novel pub

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