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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 74: Over Performed.

Stella coughed, looking away awkwardly.

Since they had a mutual understanding on such a matter, he didn’t need to speak it out it. How embarrassing!

Clarence looked at her coldly, his handsome features expressionless.

After a few seconds, Stella lifted the quilt, “Mr. Conrad, sorry for bothering you tonight. I should go home now...”

Clarence stood in front of the bed with hands in his pocket, looking indifferent.

Stella felt dizzy and weakened. When she tried hard to get off the bed, all her strength was used up. When her feet reached the floor, she only saw black. Subconsciously, she grabbed something to keep a balance so that she didn’t faint.

When she got better, she looked in the direction where her hand was grabbing something.

She grabbed Clarence’s shirt.

With a wry smile, Stella withdrew her hand. However, after losing the spot to keep her balance, she couldn’t help but fall behind. Clarence raised his arm and wrapped it around her waist.

The big inertia made them fall onto the bed together.

Stella blinked her eyes, her cheeks ruby and her eyes watery.

Clarence pressed both his arms on the bed, facing her. With darkened and deepened eyes, he asked in a hoarse tone, “What does your gaze mean?”

Stella looked away, wondering what kind of gaze she gave him just now.

She just felt her body was heated up and she couldn’t help but want to get closer to him.

Clarence pinched her thin and forced her to look into his eyes. He said calmly, “Tell me. What do you want?”

Stella didn’t answer. She just thought that although they were so close to each other now, she seemed not to be able to figure out what he was thinking.

When they were in his office earlier, he was like a piece of arctic ice that could never melt, aloof and heartless. However, in a blink, he rushed to rescue her and showed up in a place that he shouldn’t have.

He had used all possible means to revenge on her. With just a small trick, he made her owe him tens of millions debt.

However, he had never mentioned to her that Jeffrey asked him for money.

After marrying him for three years, she had thought that she knew Clarence more or less. But it wasn’t until now did she realize that it turned out she had never known him.

Noticing that she was lost in thought, Clarence frowned impatiently, “Answer me.”

Stella answered slowly, “Nothing much. I just realized that you are quite handsome, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence was speechless.

Suddenly, Stella raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck. Slightly raising her head, she pressed her lips onto his.

Clarence’s eyes were darkened in desire. Since she proposed to divorce till now, it had been over four months. He hadn’t made love to her for a long time.

He wrapped around her waist and opened her lips with his tongue.copy right hot novel pub

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