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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 73: Buy Some Peace

With the bank card in his hands, Jeffrey went downstairs happily. Suddenly, a black Rolls Royce was pulled over right in front of him.

The door of the car was opened. Clarence got off with a cold look. He cast Jeffrey a glance, his eyes full of fury.

Jeffrey shivered, taking a few steps back. When he was about to explain, Clarence bypassed him and strode into the lobby of the hotel.

Nathan followed him hurriedly. After receiving a call, he got the exact location, “Mr. Conrad, the ninth floor.”

Without any stop, Clarence walked towards the elevator directly.

Seeing that, the receptionist asked, “What are you doing...”

Right then, the manager of the hotel trotted over, shaking his head at her desperately.

Arriving on the ninth floor, Clarence’s men rapidly controlled the two men at the door. Clarence looked at the hotel manager who followed them and said in a cold tone, “Open the door.”

“Yes. Yes.”

The hotel manager didn’t dare to delay at all. In a panic, he opened the door of the room.

In the room, Stella was sitting next to the bed, her eyes blank and her clothes messy.

When the door was open, she looked as if she had returned to her senses, pinching the ashtray with the bloodstain in her hands tightly.

When Clarence’s figure appeared in her sight, Stella was in a daze as if she hadn’t expected that she would see him here.

Clarence stood motionlessly. Without looking back, he ordered, “Wait at the door.”

Nathan answered, “Yes, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence took off his jacket, walked over, and squatted down in front of Stella. Then he put his jacket on her shoulders and tried to reach the ashtray in her hands.

She didn’t release, gazing at him.

Clarence said, “I’m here. It’s alright.”

Stella didn’t utter a sound.

She didn’t mean it.

She was just wondering if she should also take the chance and knock it on his head as well.

Clarence increased the strength on his fingers and opened her hands. Then he tossed the ashtray away, picked her up, and carried her in his arms.

Reaching the door, he paused a bit. He looked back at the room and ordered, “Clean it up.”

Nathan nodded.

On the way from the hotel to the car, Stella kept silent. She was nestling in his arms, lost in thought.

Clarence put her on the backseat and said to the driver, “The hospital.”

Stella raised her head in conditional reflex, “No, I won’t go there!”

Clarence looked down at her.

Stella realized that she seemed to overreact. Wrapping herself more tightly, she mumbled, “Have you said we’ll go there tomorrow? You can’t break your promise.”

Clarence was so angry that he couldn’t utter a word for a moment.copy right hot novel pub

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