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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 72: Have You Truly Treated Me as Your Daughter

In the CEO’s office, Conrad Group…

Clarence opened the Kraft paper envelope and pulled out the documents from it. After a few glances, he tossed them on the tea table.

Shortly after, there was a knock on the door.

Nathan said, “Mr. Conrad, all the directors are gone.”

Clarence hummed to answer. Then he added, “Keep an eye on them. Dempsey won’t give up.”

“Yes, Mr. Conrad.”

Now Dempsey’s movements were too obvious. In other words, it had reached the critical moment for them to seize the power. Any unexpected incident would change the ultimate result of this matter.

As soon as Nathan walked out of the office, the manager of the security department rushed over, “Excuse me, Nathan. Something happened.”

“What’s wrong?”

The manager pulled out his phone and showed Nathan a clip of the surveillance video.

It was filmed by a camera outside the entrance of Conrad Group, which was far away from the entrance but with a wide-angle lens. Although they couldn’t recognize the people’s faces, Nathan recognized Stella’s outfit with a single glimpse as well as Jeffrey, who had been wandering about downstairs several times with his bandaged head.

Nathan couldn’t care too much. Grabbed the phone, he rushed back into the CEO’s office.

Clarence looked up impatiently. When he was about to speak, Nathan said hurriedly, “Mr. Conrad, Mrs. Conrad was taken away by Jeffrey Radomil.”

Clarence’s face went cold instantly. He stood up and strode outward of his office, “When did it happen?”

“Ten minutes ago.”

“Send our men to look for them. Go check on the places Jeffrey Radomil often goes to. One by one!” Clarence tightened his chin, his voice arctic cold, “Especially Twilight Club. If anyone sees Jeffrey Radomil, keep him in control.”


Jeffrey took Stella to an underground casino. He sealed her mouth with the adhesive tape and tied up her hands with cloth strips. He said, “My good girl, don’t blame me. You are the more ruthless one. If you didn’t deceive me to meet Adolph Miller, I wouldn’t be beaten up by them so violently. I was almost dead. But, rest assured, I’m not so heartless as you. I’ve found you a good man.”

When Jeffrey got off the car, Adolph was waiting for him there.

The latter asked, “Have you brought the money?”

Jeffrey rubbed his hands and said cheekily, “Sure.copy right hot novel pub

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