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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 7: You can Count on Me in the Future

“I know you suspect my purpose, I’ve also mentioned that I can write a guaranty letter. You could even ask the lawyer and cameraman to follow us all the time when we divorce to prove that it’s me who propose the divorce, and I’ll not blackmail a single penny from you.” Clarence pursed his lips and did not speak a word.

“Or are you scared that I’ll use the divorce to defame you and the Conrad family in front of the press? You don’t have to worry for that too. I promise, if I, Stella Ramodil, want to get any benefit from our divorce, I’ll be doomed.” Clarence only said after a while, “Do you think I’ll believe you when you say like that?”

Stella looked like a deflated balloon at once. “Then what on earth do you want me to do? Could you possibly want to maintain your identity as a husband while having a mistress outside the house? Clarence Conrad, I’ll rather die than raising other’s kids.”

Clarence glanced at her and sneered. Even though he did not say anything, Stella could still get what he meant. He was only teasing her for using the same trick as Vivian. How would she have the right to accuse others? As Stella still wanted to defend for herself for one last bit, she heard Clarence’s cold voice. “I have to go for a business trip tomorrow, we’ll talk after I come back.”

Stella let out a smile at once. “It’s okay, I’ll wait for you no matter how long. Do notify me once you return.” Seeing her changing her attitude drastically, the contempt in Clarence’s eyes surged. He turned around and went upstairs. What a foolish and cheeky woman.

The one week deadline soon arrived. Stella gave Stanford the design draft and he gave her the reply straight away that night. Her design was approved by the boss and she was asked to sign the contract the next day. Stella finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that reply. She was really quite scared that they would not be satisfied of her design.

SG Jewelry had been promoting the project’s progress in the first place and the first series to be introduced had long been decided. It was just that they needed one designer. Now that they had hired Stella, they certainly hoped the progress could be made as quick as possible. Coincidentally, there was one month left until the magazine’s anniversary celebration. The office planned to take the opportunity of the celebration to organize a press conference and officially declare the introduction of their jewelry brand to the press.

Besides the necklace Stella designed this time, the remaining two jewelries mainly promoted were the bracelet and the ring. After designing the draft and the draft was approved by the magazine office, she had to fix the flaws before the product was made. One month time was actually short, or maybe too short.

In order to not ruin the press conference this time, Stella did not dare to slack off.copy right hot novel pub

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