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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 64: Is It Worth Me to Favor Them?

The manager stammered for a moment but still didn’t know how to answer. He wondered why Mr. Conrad cared so much about this matter. Last time, when he asked and knew that Chan needed money, he didn’t say anything, did he?

Clarence pulled a long cold face. He had known the answer already. “You may leave now.”

“Yes, Mr. Conrad.”

The manager breathed a sigh of relief and left the box, feeling as if he had returned from Hell and managed to survive.

After the door of the private box was closed, Vincent asked, “Did your brother-in-law sell his admission letter?”

Clarence looked at him expressionlessly.

Vincent immediately changed and corrected his words precisely, “Your ex-wife’s younger brother.”

Clarence withdrew his gaze and poured himself a glass of wine. He said in a flat tone, “None of my business.”

Upon hearing it, Vincent couldn’t help but click his tongue. If he didn’t care, Clarence wouldn’t have called the Twilight Club’s manager over once he got a wild guess.

Right then, Nathan knocked at the door and came in. “Excuse me, Mr. Conrad. Mrs... Ms. Radomil’s father followed you here. He made a fuss and said he wants to see you and his debtors asked him to pay the debt in three days.”

Clarence didn’t raise his head at all. He said in a cold tone, “Ask him to fuck off.”

“Yes, Mr. Conrad.”

Nathan walked out and the door of the box was closed again. Clarence pinched the goblet with his knuckled fingers, his handsome features seeming to be covered with a layer of frost. He looked expressionless. “Do you still think I like her until now?”

Vincent was taken aback. “Pardon?”

“Three years ago, she gave up the opportunity of going to Paris for money. Three years later, her brother gave up his university admission letter for money. For those people who are mercenary, is it worth me to favor them?”

“Well... The matters happened for some reasons, didn’t they?

Clarence snorted. “No matter what the reasons were. They have given up their own futures. How could others pity them?”


At home, Stella hung up the phone. Sherry walked in with a pack of snacks. She looked envious and said, “How wonderful! I also want to have a younger brother who could be a straight-A student. If I can’t rely on my boyfriend or husband, I can rely on my brother at least. What did Chan tell you on the phone?

Stella smiled. “He said he’s going to college tomorrow. Then they would have a half-month military training.copy right hot novel pub

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