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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 62: My Ex-husband’s Mother

When Stella arrived in the company, she saw Modesty walk out of Stanford’s office with an annoyed look, her eyes full of willingness to submit.

Modesty took a few steps and saw Stella. In her high heels, she approached Stella. “I heard that you are the one who was offered the opportunity from Conrad Group originally, aren’t you?”

Stella answered in a flat tone. “Probably.”

“Why did you refuse them?”

“If I got something that wasn’t gained by my hard work, I’m afraid I can’t fall asleep at night.”

Stella didn’t understand why Clarence would have offered such a chance. Once it was said that he would make Vivian famous, and later the official explanation was that Conrad Group liked her design abilities.

Stella wasn’t a naive or inexperienced young girl. How could she believe in such a high-sounding excuse?

Upon hearing it, Modesty misunderstood that Stella was mocking her for she had got the chance to study in Paris three years ago, which was not based on her own hard work but was snatched from Stella.

Modesty said, “Stella Radomil, don’t overestimate yourself. Think you are so aloof and different since you’ve rejected the chance from Conrad Group? For any designer, he or she wouldn’t have given up such an opportunity that he or she could let the international shows know about his or her designs.”

As she spoke, Modesty cast Stella a glance and smiled. “Oh, not really. I’ve almost forgotten. You also gave up such an opportunity three years ago. A person like who doesn’t deserve to be a designer at all.”

Waiting for her to finish her words, Stella answered calmly, “If you truly don’t think you deserve such a chance, you can give it up.”

She felt so annoyed by Modesty’s self-flattery.

After finishing her words, Stella walked away directly.

Modesty probably hadn’t expected that Stella would have said so. Standing motionlessly for a few seconds, she finally came back to her senses. Biting her lower lip tightly, she looked quite reluctant.

After Stella checked her working schedule with Stanford, she helped Sherry get a few more days off.

Stanford asked, “How’s she doing now?”

“Probably she still needs more time to let go of it.”

Usually, Stanford didn’t ask much about his employees’ privacy, so he didn’t ask much before Stella left his office.

Out of his office, Stella heard her coworkers discussing in low voices.

Before she heard what they were discussing about, a mid-aged man in a suit showed up in front of her.

“Excuse me, Ms. Radomil. Ma’am wants to talk to you.”

Stella hadn’t realized who the Ma’am was, and then she saw Joanna standing not far away behind him.


In the meeting room. Joanna withdrew her gaze from the window. “I didn’t expect that you’re working here.”

Stella sat down, her hands clenching together subconsciously. She was quite nervous.copy right hot novel pub

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