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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 59: Picked Up From the Street

After getting two million from Clarence, Jeffery enjoyed a happy life. With the carefully combed hair, he enjoyed others’ flattery, becoming extremely arrogant and confident.

Right then, someone told Sherry a method to increase the money based on what he currently had.

Jeffrey was never satisfied with only two million. After getting an idea with infinite prospects, he immediately invested all his money. However, he was still a few hundreds of thousands short. He went to find some usurers, inviting them to invest in such an opportunity with him together.

Obviously, it was a trap. After getting his money, the other party ran away. Now, the usurers all came to Jeffrey for money.

Jeffrey received the news ahead, so he managed to hide from them. Those usurers got to know that his son was working in a grocery store, so they headed to Channing.

Of course, Channing wouldn’t give money to them. They went to him with bad intentions. Finally, they got into a fight.

Upon hearing what had happened, Stella felt that her temples twitch continuously. No matter she had been having a bad hunch recently...

Channing saw her keep in silence. He said with a frown, “Stella, please don’t mind this business. No matter he’s alive or dead, it has nothing to do with us.”

“My little fellow, I don’t agree with you. It’s perfectly justified to pay off your debts. How can you ignore this matter?”

Suddenly, a man’s voice chimed in. When Stella turned around, she subconsciously tightened her grip on Channing’s arm.

This man was exactly the man who broke into their house three years ago. He pressed Channing’s hand and asked Stella to make a choice.

Channing also recognized him. Emanating the arctic cold, he wanted to rush to the man. However, Stella pulled him to stop.

Adolph Miller looked at Stella and smiled. “What a coincidence! Nice to see you guys again.”

Stella pressed her lips tightly without speaking.

Channing stood in front of Stella protectively with a cold look on his face. “If you want money, go ahead to find Jeffrey Radomil.”

“Gee. No wonder my men got into a fight. It turned out to be Jeffrey Radomil’s son. You’ve grown so tall after three years.” As he spoke, Adolph turned to the gangsters and said, “Come take a look. He was ranked as the first in the college entrance exam in our province. Get some lucks from him.”

The group of gangsters burst into laughter.

Since it was so noisy, the police noticed. One of them came over. “Be quiet! Where do you think you are right now?”

Adolph raised his hand and waved, hinting at his men to quiet down. “Sir, please don’t be mad. We met a straight-A student here. We’re congratulating him.”

Adolph had been a usurer for many years, and he had criminal records in different police stations.copy right hot novel pub

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