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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 57: I’m the Only One to Decide

When Stella was about to leave, she saw Annie walk over.

She wondered if all people from the Conrad family were always haunting her.

As if she hadn’t seen Stella, Annie stood beside Horace. “Hi, Horace. Why didn’t you pick up my phone calls?”

No matter how good-tempered Horace was, he was so fed up with Annie’s shameless pesters. Especially in recent few days, she could always find him no matter where he had been.

Horace said in a cold tone, “Miss Conrad, please don’t come to bother me anymore.”

Annie’s expression changed dramatically in an instant. She glared at Stella in hatred. “It’s all because of her, isn’t it? Your attitude wasn’t like this before you came back from abroad. It’s all this bitch’s fault...”

“Enough!” Horace stood up. “Annie Conrad, can you just stop making trouble out of nothing here?”

“Am I making trouble out of nothing? Horace, our parents have met each other. We’ll get engaged sooner or later. Shouldn’t I...”

Expressionlessly, Horace interrupted her, “I’ll never engage with you. Miss Conrad, please be self-respected. Otherwise, you would shame your Conrad family’s dignity.”

This time, before Annie retorted, they heard a man’s indifferent voice. “Mr. Jason, since you’re so reasonable, why are you still pestering my wife?”

Upon hearing Clarence’s voice, Stella felt as if her heart was about to pop out from her throat. She wondered since when he had been standing there and how much he had heard about the conversation between Horace and her.

Seeing Clarence, Annie immediately became less aggressive. She greeted him in a low voice, “Hi, Clarence.”

Clarence cast her a glance, then looked over at Horace.

Horace pressed his thin lips and looked into Clarence’s eyes.

Although standing quite far away from them, Nathan could feel the sparks from them in the air

Horace answered, “Mr. Conrad, haven’t you divorced Stella? Why are you here? Mr. Conrad, I wonder if you have another purpose.”

Clarence didn’t answer. He licked his teeth with the tip of his tongue, his eyes becoming colder and colder.

Stella didn’t understand why she had to be involved in the war between those two men, and nor would she want to know why Clarence was here.

She whispered, “Horace, let’s go.”

Horace withdrew his gaze from Clarence. “Okay.”

Seeing that they were about to leave here, Annie wanted to chase them. Clarence said in a cold tone, “Stop.”

Annie looked back at him anxiously, “Clarence...”

Clarence looked at her.copy right hot novel pub

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