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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 56: Is It Worth Doing So?

Clarence meant that he didn’t want to offer this chance to her, but he had made a promise, so he had to keep his words.

He implied that she should be grateful.

Stella, however, didn’t want to compromise at all. She answered aggressively, “Mr. Conrad, since you are not happy about the performance of SG Jewelry Magazine on that show, I don’t think it’s a problem if you call off this opportunity.”

After she finished speaking, Clarence looked over at the other man in the meeting room. He asked in a cold tone, “Mr. Leif, is that so? Do you agree with her?”

Stanford felt that the cold sweat on his forehead almost dripped. With a wry smile, he answered, “It’s not as serious as Ms. Radomil mentioned. But, Mr. Conrad, if you are not satisfied with our performance at all, we truly don’t deserve this opportunity... No matter what, we appreciate that you could provide SG Jewelry Magazine and our employee with such a chance.”

Clarence said expressionlessly, “But it seems that some employee of SG Jewelry Magazine doesn’t appreciate it at all.”

Stanford wondered why this couple couldn’t fight in private after going home.

Stella didn’t want to waste time here either. “Mr. Conrad, thanks for your kindness. I’m not capable enough to take it.”

As she spoke, she said to Stanford, “Mr. Leif, if there’s nothing else, I’ve gotta go.”

After Stella left, Clarence stood up and snorted. “Are all your employees so arrogant?”

Stanford didn’t know what to answer, so he kept silent.

When Clarence walked out of the meeting room, Modesty, who had been waiting for him, immediately walked over and greeted him shyly, “Hi, Mr. Conrad. Nice to see you again.”

Clarence looked quite impatient, frowning at the woman who blocked her way. “Have we met before?”

Modesty was startled for a moment. Then she uttered some words, “Yesterday... I went to your office. I’m a designer from SG Jewelry Magazine. Do you still remember it?”

Clarence answered flatly. “Okay. I see.”

He had almost forgotten that Stella was just one of the designers in SG.

He turned around and said to Stanford, “You can give the opportunity to her.”

Stanford didn’t get it. “What?”

However, Clarence didn’t intend to repeat. He strode away.

Modesty was also standing motionlessly in a daze with Stanford, wondering what opportunity it would be.

After a few seconds, Stanford raised his hand and rubbed his temples, feeling that he was in a dilemma indeed.

Clarence brought them with A-list designers. Unexpectedly, Ms.copy right hot novel pub

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