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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 53: May I Find You a Date?

After Stella had gone far, she finally felt a bit chill from her back.

She had never known that Clarence would be so idle. How could he have time to care about if she had eaten, washed her hair, or dated someone?

She could understand the way how this wretched man was doing things less and less.

Stella hailed a taxi, heading directly to Sherry’s home.

When she arrived, the door was unlocked. She heard the suppressed sobs from the inside.

Stella stood at the door for a few minutes. Then she turned around and left in silence.

If it had happened to her, she should be by herself alone in peace as well.

After arriving home, Stella sat at the desk, staring at a blank paper in a daze.

The kind of feeling that she had never had before surged in her heart.

Sherry and Liam were in love for five years. None of them had expected that he would cheat on Sherry one day.

In fact, Stella thought both Sherry and she were the same. In the three-year marriage with Clarence, she tried to be a qualified Mrs. Conrad peacefully. She knew how much he hated her, so she was quite clear what she should and shouldn’t do. She had never expected anything else.

However, she wasn’t a robot without any feelings. They had been together for three years, so many days and nights.

If it weren’t that Vivian had appeared, Stella thought that they would be leading such a life forever.

However, during those days and nights, no matter it was the cold Clarence or the tender one after he had been drunk, he had never belonged to her and he would not either.

When she recalled those days, she realized that she cared about her marriage, but she also knew that it wouldn’t change anything at all.

She had thought everything would be fine after divorcing him. She could start a new life. However, judging from the situation, she didn’t think that the wretched man would let go of her.

It made her feel like being stung by a thorn in her heart. She knew where it was, but she couldn’t take it out.


On the second day, Stella went to Starry Lake Mansion after Clarence had just left home to his office.

Seeing that she came in with two employees of a moving company, the servant was so panicked that cold sweat oozed on her forehead. She had to make an excuse. “Excuse me, Mrs. Conrad. Mr. Conrad said other people are not allowed to enter...”

Stella knew the wretched man’s character. “I won’t let them in. I’ll take the luggage down myself.”

As she spoke, she pulled the empty suitcase and walked upstairs.

The servant followed her tightly, trying to comfort her, who seemed to have a fight with her husband just for the time being. “Mrs. Conrad, why don’t you wait until Mr. Conrad to come back? If you move without his presence, he’ll be quite angry.”

“Have you seen him not angry before? He believed that my belongings have occupied his territory and displeased him. If I move them away, he wouldn’t have many excuses.”

“Alas... Mrs. Conrad.copy right hot novel pub

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