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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 50: A Shameless Woman

Before Jolie finished introducing herself, she and Liam looked uneasy simultaneously.

Liam was very shocked. By rights, it was impossible for Stella to know Jolie. But how did she know that her surname was Young.

When he met Stella’s eyes again, he could feel the warning in her eyes.

He quickly realized what she was thinking and told Jolie, “They’re calling you over. I have to accompany my girlfriend now.”

“Is having a girlfriend a big deal?” Jolie averted her eyes and left there reluctantly.

Liam went to coax Sherry, “Don’t be angry. She’s like that. She likes to joke around, but it’s my fault that I didn’t introduce you two to her clearly.”

Sherry moved away his hand, “I’m not angry. Never mind, you just go and accompany your friends. Don’t mind me.”

“I do not want to accompany them, of course I want to be with you.” Liam whispered something in Sherry’s ears, then he pulled her outside. Sherry walked a few steps and turned around, “Stella, wait for me for a while. I’ll be right back.”


Soon after they left, Jolie approached Stella again, holding two glasses of wine in her hand, “Oops, I’m really sorry for just now. I will punish myself with a glass of wine.”

Stella said, “I don’t drink.”

Jolie retracted her hand embarrassedly, “I heard from Liam that you are a jewellery designer. You must be quite good. When are you going to design jewellery for me? I will help you to promote it to my friends so that they will come to find you to design for them.”

Stella smiled, “Nice. The price of the customized jewellery will be at least two hundred thousand Yuan.copy right hot novel pub

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