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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 5: Please, Save Me…

He would basically not take her out under normal days. Vincent only met Stella twice. The first time was when Clarence forgot to bring his document. Afraid that it would affect his work, Stella brought it to the workplace. A trace of disappointment flashed across the docile woman’s face when she faced Clarence’s cold eyes. Yet she did not make any complaint, and she looked obedient and understanding.

Another time was during the birthday feast of Dempsey Conrad, the old man of the Conrad family, which was also the second year of marriage between Clarence and her. No one from the Conrad family liked her, and no one introduced her to the guests.

That night, Stella looked like a non-paid housemaid that was hired by the Conrad family. She was completely occupied with work yet she did not get a single compliment but contempt look that saw her as a trouble instead. After that, she stayed at the corner all the time and when she faced those mocking remarks, she did not retort but lowered her head silently, staying further away from them.

In Vincent’s mind, Clarence’s wife was a weak and enduring married woman that surrendered to one’s manipulation, and she would not defend for herself when she was hit or scolded. The aggressive woman who looked like she was going to chop someone into pieces tonight would definitely not be her.

Clarence was still looking at the place where Stella left and did not utter a word. Vincent coughed and digressed, “I met Stanford Leif at the entrance just now.” Clarence asked casually, “Who?”

“The chief editor of the SG Jewelry Magazine.”

“I kinda recall something.” The Conrad’s had collaborated with SG Jewelry before, and Clarence had met their chief editor a few times. Vincent sighed and said, “Stanford told me he’s found Ms. Radomil, and if nothing goes wrong, she’ll become the designer of their magazine. I suppose you still remember Ms. Radomil?”

“No.” Why should he remember someone unimportant to him? Vincent said, “Then I suppose you would at least remember sponsoring the seventh emerging designer competition three years ago? Ms. Radomil won the first place in the contest back then. She initially had the chance to get funded by the Conrad’s and further study in Paris, but not knowing why, she gave it up.”

“But I heard that she has once sought for the person in charge of the competition and asked whether she could get cash instead of being funded for her study abroad. The person in charge asked you, but you rejected, and we never heard from her since then. She was really a talented designer, what a shame.”

Clarence slowly retrieved his look. It was hard to tell what he was thinking, and whether he had listened to his words just now or not. “Is that so? I can’t recall.”

As he was on the way of sending them back home, Stanford could clearly sense that Stella’s mood was much worse than when they were having meal.copy right hot novel pub

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