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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 46: Do You Want a Child?

After they finished kissing each other, Liam hurriedly left the room.

Stella was just about to keep her phone and she heard a cold voice coming from her back, “I didn’t expect you to have such a special hobby.”

She was speechless.

She didn’t intend to explain to him, and she left with quick steps after she sneered at him.

When Clarence was about to leave, he stepped on something.

He looked down and saw a paper bag with the phrase ‘Maternal and Infant Products’ written on it.

He looked calm as he bent down and picked up the paper bag.

After Stella left the hotel, she just wanted to call Sherry, but she remembered that she was currently shooting. Therefore, she opened the WeChat chat box again and deleted the words after typing them several times.

She became grieved after doing so.

Sherry and Liam had been together for several years and their relationship had always been good.

Liam was well off and had a lot of pursuers. However, no matter how other women tried to hook up with him, Sherry was the only apple in his eyes.

At that time, people even laughed at Liam for being Sherry’s follower as he followed her everywhere she went, but he was happy to do so.

But she never expected that everything would have changed after Liam went overseas for only one year.

Sherry was still waiting for him to propose to her.

So, was love going to disappear?

Stella put down her phone powerlessly, as she didn’t know how to tell Sherry about this at all.

She looked down suddenly and realized that the baby clothes she had just bought were gone.

She stood frozen in place for several seconds before accepting the fact that the clothes had been left in the hotel room.

She felt annoyed as if her head was about to explode, as she had only been living in peace for a month, but then now she kept meeting bad news.

Stella didn’t have the courage to go back to look for it, nor did she have the mood to argue with Clarence.

After she returned to her condominium, she laid in bed for a long time, and only after she felt relieved then she got out of her bed and started designing the necklace for Joanna.

At night, the maid from the Starry Lake Mansion called her, “Mrs. Conrad, Mr. Conrad said he found your thing. If you still want them, come and get them. If not, Mr. Conrad will throw them away.

Stella wanted to say that she didn’t want the thing.

But she knew that as the wretched man had called him deliberately, he had to be thinking about something.

If she didn’t go to collect the thing, he would suspect her even more.

In the Starry Lake Mansion…

The maid put down the phone, “Sir, madam said she’ll be right over.”

“Hmm,” Clarence said and then indifferently asked the maid to go and rest.copy right hot novel pub

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