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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 45: Kiss Me Before You Go

Soon, the two of them went into a luxury store. The woman was choosing clothes and bags on one side, while the man was holding his cellphone on the other side to reply to others’ messages.

Stella hid outside the store, and she could see the man’s face clearly from the angle.

She gritted her teeth. It was Liam.

In the luxury store…

Jolie took a bag and walked to Liam, “Honey, I like this bag so much. Will you buy it for me?”

The salesman who was at the side said, “Lady, you have good taste. This bag is the latest model in this season. There are only two in the whole City N, and both are in our store.

Hearing his words, Jolie liked the bag even more. She hugged Liam’s arm and pouted, “Then I want this one, okay?”

Liam intimately pinched her nose, “Okay, okay. I will buy it for you.”

After finishing his words, he took out his card and told the salesman, “You all have two of the bags right, I want to buy the other one too.”

The salesman smiled and took his card, “Okay, please wait for a moment.”

But Jolie who was smiling just now instantly became unhappy and let go of Liam’s arm, “Are you going to buy the bag for that woman again? Every time you will give what you buy for me to that woman too. If you like her so much, why don’t you just stop being together with me?”

Liam wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “Okay, baby. Don’t be angry. I have been spending time with you when I come back for this month, so I must give her some compensation too. If you like any other models of the bag in the store then you just choose, I will only buy for you this time.”

Jolie poked her finger on his chest and pouted, “That’s more like it.”

The two of them came out of the luxury store and then left the shopping mall.

Liam put the beautifully wrapped box in the car and went to the hotel next to the mall with his arm around Jolie's shoulder.

Stella tracked them quietly all the way.

She found that the shameless couple was so immersed in the joy of cheating that they didn’t notice her tracking them.

When they reached the hotel, she followed them entering the lift and stood in the corner when there were a large number of people taking the lift.

When they got off the lift, she also followed them, walking slowly behind them.

She didn’t know that if Liam realized what was going on. He turned around. At that moment, Stella quickly hid behind the door frame at her side.

But she didn’t expect that the door was not closed tightly. It was opened straight away when she hit it so hard.

Stella thought that she would fall badly or hit the wall hard.

Instead, she fell into a warm embrace.copy right hot novel pub

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