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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 39: I Don’t Want Anything

“Say.” The tone was cold, simple and direct.

While holding the earpiece, Stella licked her lips before speaking cautiously, “I just found out that my…antacid is missing, I don’t know if I’ve left it in your office…”


After Clarence finished, he did not wait for her to speak again and hung up the phone without hesitation.

Stella was speechless.

It was fine if he did not have. Why did he have to be so fierce, what a wretched man.

Stella was lying on the bed. Although she deliberately said that the folic acid was antacid, if it was really left there, with the function of folic acid, the wretched man would definitely criticize her for having wishful thinking.

But even if the situation was like this, Stella was still a little worried. She did not manage to sleep soundly that night. When she woke up the next morning, she went to the café and restaurant she went to yesterday to ask but the staff of both places said that they did not see it.

She could only hope that it was left on the road.

Stella was not free in the afternoon. She made a few appointments to look at some houses and was preparing to sign a contract to move out when she saw the suitable one.

In the Conrad Group.

Clarence looked up from a pile of documents. He coldly gazed at the IOU and folic acid placed next to him. He suddenly sneered.

She surprisingly said that it was antacid.

Clarence’s thin lips were pursed. After a long time, he took out his phone, found the number that Stella called her last night, and called back.

He wanted to see how would Stella look like when she received the bottle of folic acid in front of him. He also wanted to see what kind of fresh excuses she could use.

After the call was answered, a gentle female voice sounded, “Welcome, you’re calling Cloud Top Hotel, how may I help you?”

Clarence’s eyebrows slightly furrowed. Hotel?

Wasn’t she staying at her friend’s house, why did she go to the hotel.

Thinking of a certain possibility, Clarence’s face instantly turned cold. A thin layer of coldness was covering his eyes.

After hanging up the phone, he got up and strode out of the office.

When he walked to the door, he walked back to pick up the folic acid on the table and put it in his shirt pocket.

Seeing him coming out, Nathan hurriedly followed him, “Mr. Conrad…”

Clarence’s tone was slightly cold, “Go to the office of SG Jewelry Magazine.”


Halfway through the journey, Nathan received a call and his expression was somewhat gloomy, “Mr.copy right hot novel pub

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