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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 37: Leave the IOU Here, Pay Me Back in Instalments

As soon as he said that he did not want the child, she would immediately go and do the abortion.

It was merely like that.

Did she actually do something unforgivable?

After leaving the office of SG Jewelry Magazine, Stella took a cab to the Conrad Group.

And it was as if the receptionist of the Conrad Group knew in advance that she would come. The receptionist only asked her surname and without even registering, the receptionist directly took her to the elevator that was exclusive for the president.

Stella still remembered that a long time ago, she came to deliver documents to Clarence and she did not dare to tell the employees of the Conrad Group that she was Clarence’s wife, fearing that he would be angry due to this. So, she could only stand at the reception like a fool and waited for them to be free to inform their superiors.

In the end, that wretched man gave her his attitude.

When she got off the elevator, Nathan was already waiting outside.

Nathan said, “Mrs. Conrad, Mr. Conrad is in a meeting. He has asked you to stay in his office for a while.”

Stella tried to control herself but she still failed in the end, “Stop calling me Mrs. Conrad, I’m not eligible.”


This was indeed like killing one thousand enemies but losing eight hundred soldiers.

Nathan coughed, reached out his hand and said, “Mrs. Con…Ms. Radomil, please.”

While sitting in Clarence’s office, when Stella saw the coffee given by Nathan, she said, “Can you help me to change it to a cup of hot water, the kind that can severely scald someone when I splash it.”

“Ms. Radomil…is really good at joking.”

Stella said while smiling hypocritically, “But I’m still not as good as Mr. Conrad.”

Seeing this, Nathan could immediately know that the reason she came here personally was to accuse somebody of something. He did not know how Mr. Conrad could be so confident in which he thought that the reason she came here was to thank and cozy up to him.

But, Nathan still changed her coffee to hot water but it was the kind that was not that scalding.

He thought thoughtfully that if Mr. Conrad was really splashed later, water would at least not make him look so embarrassed compared to coffee.

But Stella was just all talk and no action to vent her anger. She did not have the gall to splash it onto Clarence.

At this time, the little naughty thing in her belly was making trouble. She vomited dryly several times and was able to relieve slightly after drinking some water.copy right hot novel pub

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