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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 35: Getting Married to Clarence for So Long

Dream on.

Clarence pressed the intercom and spoke coldly, “Contact SG Jewelry Magazine and ask how much is Stella’s penalty for breach of contract.”


A few minutes later, Clarence received a reply from Nathan, “Mrs. Conrad’s contract was personally signed by the boss of SG Jewelry Magazine and only he knows the exact content of the contract and the penalty for breach of contract.”

And the boss of SG Jewelry Magazine was now on vacation in Greece.

He picked up his clothes and got up, “Book the latest flight ticket to Greece.”

Nathan answered and hurriedly went to handle it.

Seeing that Mr. Conrad could not even wait for a minute, Nathan almost forgot he sternly reprimanded him ten minutes ago for always mentioning SG Jewelry Magazine although the cooperation had ended for so many years.

A week later, Stella was discharged from the hospital.

She had actually recovered a long time ago but both Sherry and Channing told her to rest for a few more days. She felt like her limbs were going to become vestigial if she continued lying in bed.

What Stella did not expect was that when she was discharged from the hospital, Horace came.

Sherry pulled Channing away, leaving time for the two of them.

After keeping silent for a few seconds, Stella raised her lips, “Thank you for the matter before.”

Horace said, “Stella, you never have to say these two words to me.”

Stella let out a breath and felt that the atmosphere between them was getting awkward. She did not want to stay here, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first…”

“Stella, I have something to tell you.”

“Do you know who the sponsor for the Young Designers’ Contest was three years ago.”

When Stella was about to speak, Horace continued, “Origin is just a subsidiary. The real master behind it is the Conrad Group.”

Hearing this, Stella was stunned for a moment, “What do you mean?”

“I hear that you went to Francis who was the manager of Origin at that time, wanting to exchange the financial support to study in Paris for money. Francis had no problem with it and even helped you to apply but in the end, it was rejected. In other words, the person who rejected you was Clarence.”

It took Stella two minutes to digest the fact that the capitalist who capitalized her for not having a dream was Clarence. She laughed faintly, “What can I do even if I know this, it was already a matter of three years ago, not to mention that Clarence doesn’t owe me anything so it’s normal for him to reject.copy right hot novel pub

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