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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 34: Surprisingly Dared to Blacklist Him

Hearing this, Sherry remembered the scene she saw at the door of the ward last night. She hesitated for quite a while and still did not know whether she should tell Stella that the wretched man had secretly kissed her while she was asleep.

She asked indirectly, “I saw Clarence yesterday, what did he say to you.”

Stella was speechless when she mentioned this, “Nothing, he came to me to let me pay back the money. He also inexplicably said that I’m a divorced woman and Horace will definitely not marry me.”

“Is he insane?”

“To be frank, since we divorced, I always think that he’s a little abnormal.”

Knock, knock…

At this time, the sound of knocking on the door sounded.

Stella and Sherry stopped talking and looked over simultaneously.

A woman with sunglasses and a mask was standing at the door while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Sherry took a long time to recognize who was the person. She froze before saying, “Winnie?”

Winnie removed the mask from her face, closed the door and waved her hands at them, “Hi, I’m here to visit a patient.”

Sherry had shot several cover photos and advertisements for Winnie so although they were not really familiar with each other, their relationship was still considered a nodding acquaintance.

However, she and Stella were indeed strangers to each other.

So, Sherry was slightly confused and she did not understand why did she come here.

Winnie approached and put the flowers in the vase, explaining, “Yesterday, I heard that the designer of SG Jewelry Magazine was sick and hospitalized. I have nothing to do today so I come to take a look, are you okay?”

Stella also heard that the two shows afterward last night were done with Winnie’s help. She nodded, “I don’t have any big problem, thanks.”

In fact, Winnie came here today because she was entrusted by someone.

Nathan could not think of a way to deal with the staff of SG Jewelry Magazine despite trying to figure it out at home all night. Even Stella also misunderstood Mr. Conrad’s kindness to her in which she thought that it was his high-profile courtship and willingness to do anything for Vivian.

He must explain clearly to Stella before he went to confess to Mr. Conrad.

Otherwise, Mr. Conrad who had known the truth would really push him down from the president’s office.

Therefore, Winnie, who was free and was about to prepare for a vacation after going back to the office became the straw for Nathan to grasp at.

With the reason that she dared to roast Mr. Conrad from time to time, Nathan felt that she must be able to chat with Stella very well.

In addition, Winnie had helped SG Jewelry Magazine so much yesterday so Stella would definitely show respect to her.

Whereas, after Winnie saw that Clarence inexplicably and confidently said that someone was spying on him and later, he gave her a phone call to let her go to help that person to do the catwalk, her inner curiosity to gossip was also formed.

The reason she came today was just to satisfy her curiosity.

Winnie said while smiling, “You’re welcome, I’m free anyway. By the way, I hear that the slot selected by the Conrad Group yesterday seems to have been given to a designer, did you get it?”

Hearing this, both Stella and Sherry were a bit puzzled at the same time.copy right hot novel pub

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