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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 32: What Is the Exact Reason That Causes You to Divorce Me

It was the first time that Clarence realized talking required so much effort and she still looked as if she did not know what her mistake was.

He was even more irritated.

He ran out of patience and got up to leave.

Looking at his figure that was leaving angrily, Stella sighed silently. As expected, he was really angry with her due to the matter that it took too long for her to pay back the money to him.

Not long after, Stanford and Sherry came in together.

There was still a lot of work at the show so Stanford did not stay too long. He just greeted and asked Stella if she was fine and he let her take a good rest before leaving.

Sherry sat beside Stella, “Stella, you’ve finally regained consciousness. You’ve scared me to death. What has happened, how did you get poisoned?”

Stella shook her head. She had not eaten anything since she arrived at the show. The food she ate at noon had already been vomited entirely.

If one had to say that she was poisoned because she had eaten something, the only thing that entered her stomach was water.

But, everyone did drink the water but she was the only one who had an accident.

Sherry hastily took out her phone, “By the way, Horace has asked me to message him after you wake up.”

Stella sagged her eyes. She knew that without Horace this time, a big problem would have happened and the little one in her belly would not have been saved.

After sending the message, Sherry patted Stella’s shoulder, “Well, you don’t need to have any psychological burden. Regarding the matter between you and Horace…let nature take its course. Don’t need to force yourself but don’t sidestep it too.”

She and Horace should have been together a long time ago but unfortunately, fate tricked them.

Seeing that Stella looked serious, Sherry added, “The doctor says that the little one in your belly is fine but more observations have to be done these few days. You must rest on the bed and you can never have an accident again.”

Stella nodded gently and slowly spoke, “You go back to rest first, I’ll be fine here.”

Her voice was a bit coarse and mute.

Regarding the matter that her throat was uncomfortable, it was not that she was really unable to speak and instead, it was just that she did not want to talk to Clarence.

Sherry said, “How can that be. I must stay here to accompany you.”

“No need. I’ll call the nurse if I need any help. The show must still have a lot of things that are not dealt with, you go back quickly.”

These days, not only she was busy, but Sherry was also very busy. For the sake of the little one in her belly, she had to find a time to rest but Sherry had not slept for a long time.copy right hot novel pub

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