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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 31: Do You Think I Am Here to Ask for Money?

“Ah? Yes…”

“Thank you for taking care of her.”

Sherry laughed dryly a few times and did not know what to say.

Stella said to her before that she had already made it clear with Horace. She originally thought that Horace had already given up but according to the situation today, he not only did not give up but he had fallen even more.

They just stayed like that for half an hour. Seeing that Horace did not intend to leave, Sherry could not help but say, “How about you go back first, it’ll be fine for me to accompany Stella here. The doctor also says that she has no big problem. She only needs to have more rest afterward.”

She was not very familiar with Horace. Due to Stella, she met him a few times before. But, they had not seen each other for three years. It was too awkward for them to sit opposite each other there while being speechless.

Horace subconsciously wanted to refuse but he really had no reason to stay so he could only get up and say, “Then please let me know when Stella wakes up.”

“No problem. I’ll tell you immediately when she wakes up.”

Horace nodded and when he was about to leave, Sherry said softly again, “Well…you’re clear about Stella’s situation, she should have said everything to you. She has just recovered from a failed marriage. If you can’t promise her a good future, it’s better that you don’t have contact with her anymore…”

Horace understood what she said. However, he had liked her for so many years, how could he give up easily?

Regarding the fact that Stella had married someone, he could convince himself to pretend that it never happened. But, she was still expecting Clarence’s child in her belly. Being a man, how could he not take it into account.

But, he could not control his desire to see her and be by her side.

Horace said, “I’ll come back to find her after I’ve settled everything.”

After Horace left, Sherry heaved a sigh of relief. At this time, Stanford’s call arrived, asking her which ward was Stella in. Sherry directly went downstairs to bring him up.

Two minutes later after she left, the door of the ward was opened again.

Looking at the pale woman who was lying on the hospital bed, the coldness in Clarence’s eyes finally faded slightly. He walked over and sat on the sofa by the hospital bed.

He gazed at her for a while and said coldly, “Stella, were you very triumphant when you saw me sign the divorce agreement?”

Being triumphant that she managed to cheat him once again and being triumphant that she could finally be together with Horace morally.

The person on the bed did not respond. The whole room was extraordinarily quiet.

Clarence said again, “Are you a stone? You’ve gotten married to me for three years but you still can’t forget him.copy right hot novel pub

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