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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 30: Vivian Is Not the Person Whom the Conrad Group Wants to Support This Time

With the financial support of the Conrad Group, it meant that she would have a better platform and chance. Now, SG Jewelry Magazine had just launched its own brand and she was the designer of the Puppy Love’ Series. It was impossible that SG Jewelry Magazine would let her go.

Also, this contract was clearly exploiting her current fame and idea. After she could no longer come out with designs, SG Jewelry Magazine could find other designers who were more famous but Stella’s career life would only stop here.

Although he had asked the boss to fight for it for a long time, the boss said that Ms. Radomil agreed to it herself.

The businessman was always profit-oriented. So, there was absolutely no wiggle room.

When Clarence saw that he wanted to say something but he stopped in the end, coupled with the matter that Stella said she already had money to pay him back.

His face darkened and his voice was a bit chilly, “How much money did she ask for.”

Stanford did not want to reveal such a private matter but in the situation now, he apparently could not escape without saying anything.

He said, “Ms. Radomil said that it will be fine to give her two million yuan first, the rest…”

“Mr. Leif, Mr. Leif.” At this time, a staff member ran over and gasped while saying, “Something bad has happened. Ms. Radomil has been sent to the hospital!”

Stanford frowned and when he wanted to leave, he realized that Clarence was still here. Nonetheless, before he could say goodbye, Clarence had already turned around and stridden towards the door.

Nathan followed him but after he took two steps, he went back. He lowered his voice and said to Stanford, “Mr. Leif, what the Conrad Group has done has nothing to do with Miss Sean. The reason that Mr. Conrad does all these is for…In short, I hope that Mr. Leif can clarify this if you’re free.”

In the hospital.

After the doctor examined Stella, the doctor initially thought that she was poisoned and he said to the nurse next to him, “Prepare for the gastric lavage.”

Stella, who was unconsciously grabbing the doctor’s arm, pleaded, “I can’t…can’t have gastric lavage, I…am preg…”

The doctor could not hear clearly and when he was about to bend his body, Horace pursed his lips, “She is pregnant.”

The doctor quickly said, “Do a blood test first.”

Ten minutes later, the blood test results came out.

She was slightly poisoned so it was fine that she did not need to have gastric lavage first. But, she had to vomit it out otherwise it would also have an impact on the child in her belly.

Stella heard the doctor’s voice in a gaze and sat up with her hand propped up on the bed.

The food that she ate today had long been vomited. There was only water in her stomach. She forced herself to vomit like this and she felt really uncomfortable as she vomited.copy right hot novel pub

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