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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 28: Was She Peeking at Me Just Now?

Clarence commented impolitely, “How did you win the award with such acting skills? The judges of that year were apparently blind.”

Winnie was speechless.

Clarence turned his eyes and looked at the woman who was at the bottom of the stage and going back and forth to busily do her work. One of his hands was casually put on the armrest and his long fingers were moving slightly.

The words ‘new sweetheart’ was not suitable to describe Stella.

Although he did not want to admit it, compared to the words ‘new sweetheart and the person that is loved before’, ‘Mrs. Conrad’ obviously suited her more.

Thinking of this, Clarence was a little annoyed. Why she still did not come to beg him? Was it because the duration of one month given by him was too long?

On the other side, Stella was so busy that she was about to throw up.

A model suddenly fell sick and was sent to the hospital.

But, the problem was that each model’s clothing size and jewellery length were tailor-made, not to mention that the show was going to start very soon. Within such a short time, even the most basic thing like finding a model that could do the catwalk also could not be found, let alone finding the suitable and right model.

When Stella and several other fashion designers were at a loss, someone suddenly said, “Ms. Radomil, why don’t you do it, your figure is similar to the model’s figure, as for the height…just change to a pair of shoes that is taller.”

Stella was slightly stunned, “But I have no experience in doing catwalk…”

Another designer said, “Who cares about whether you have experience or not now, it’ll be good enough to be able to fill the vacancy. If this show is screwed up, not only us, but also SG Jewelry Magazine will become a joke in the entire industry.”

Stella was silent for a while. Before that, SG Jewelry Magazine had encountered a scandal due to her. Although it was promptly clarified, it more or less still had some impacts inevitably.

Regarding how much SG Jewelry Magazine valued this show, it could be seen from the diligence level of the staff in the entire magazine during this period.

Once this show failed, many people’s hard work would be devastated.

Stella nodded, “I’ll try my best.”

After putting on her makeup backstage, Stella looked at the pair of slender high heels and felt that her stomach was churning again. She grabbed a glass of water and took a few sips to hold back the feelings of nausea. She adjusted her breathing.

Apparently, the little one in her belly was protesting to her.

Since she was found out to be pregnant and told by the doctor to be more careful, she had never worn high heels again. When she walked downstairs, she tried to avoid the children around her and walked on the flat and spacious path.

At this moment, a staff member ran in from outside, “Only one last model is left, are you ready?”

Under everyone’s gaze, Stella put on the pair of high heels, “Yes.”

No matter what, she had to go to the battlefield.copy right hot novel pub

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