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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 27: That Is Really Unfortunate Then

Clarence was silent for a while, “No need.”

He did not want to see her right now.

From the time Clarence was taken back to the Conrad family with the title of being an illegitimate son, he was disgusted with the things so-called blood ties and inheritance.

Especially when he stepped into the door of the Conrad family and saw Justin who was partially paralyzed in a wheelchair with gloom in his eyes, the filth and inferiority that could not be concealed even by the golden bricks and tiles almost suffocated him.

So, the matter that Stella used the child as a bargaining chip had really gone beyond the limit of his patience.

Clarence opened his phone again. As he had blacklisted and deleted her previously, in the dialog box between him and Stella, there was neither her careful concern nor her tireless exhortation. There was also no action of her waiting quietly and obediently. There were only blanks.

He tapped the input box with his long fingers and typed a few words. Then, he deleted all of them.

An hour later…

When Stella was about to hit the sack, the phone that was placed beside the bed suddenly vibrated.

She blinked her eyes and what she saw was only a few cold words from the wretched man. ‘Twenty-five days left’.

Stella was speechless.

Did he really need to do up to this extent? He gave her a countdown to death in the middle of the night.

Stella thought for a while. She was lazy to even type a word so she just replied with an OK gesture.

It was serious and formal.

It symbolized her determination to pay back the money on time.

However, she was not satisfied with Clarence’s action of disturbing others at night. She changed his name from ‘the wretched man’ to ‘Clarence the Exploiter’ overnight.

Only then did she put down her phone again and hit the hay satisfactorily.

However, Vivian also heard the news from SG Jewelry Magazine. After self-doubting for a while, she then affirmed a fact.

That was, although Mr. Conrad was ostensibly indifferent to her, he actually liked her.

Thinking back carefully now, whenever he reprimanded her, it was because Stella had made a mess and she played mind games in order to impress him.

But afterward, he did not do anything to her and had even given her the resources of SG Jewelry Magazine. He had already done up to this point.copy right hot novel pub

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