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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 24: He Will Still Often Forget This Matter

The reason used was either that it was a gift given by the company and everyone who saw it would get it or it was sent by a partner company, etc. Various kinds of fancy excuses were used.

In the Rolls Royce, there was suddenly a strange and quiet atmosphere.

Clarence opened his eyes. His eyes were cold and lonely.

It had been more than a month but he would still often forget this matter.

Some habits that were already practised for long were hard to be changed.

On the contrary, Stella could get over everything very quickly.

Nathan said again, “Mr. Conrad, SG Jewelry Magazine has a show next week. As a former partner, shall we send some gifts to offer our congratulations? We don’t need to give gifts to the entire company, mainly to send people like the chief editor, photographers…designers and so on?”

Clarence kept silent for a few seconds. He suddenly spoke, “The artists of the Conrad Group have also been involved in the show this time so by right, we should give gifts.”

Nathan’s heartbeats had finally returned to normal. He began to prepare other people’s gifts.

So, three days later, the people from the assistant room of the Conrad Group arrived at the office of SG Jewelry Magazine and gave gifts separately.

When Stanford got the gift, he could not regain his presence of mind for quite a while. What kind of situation was this? Why did Clarence suddenly become so kind and cordial?

The photographers who got the gifts were also very confused. Was this so-called a free lunch that was obtained without any effort?

Only Stella who was the only contracted designer of SG Jewelry Magazine looked exceptionally calm when she looked at the gift that had been delivered to her after a long and arduous journey.

In the pantry next to her, a few staff members were excitedly having a discussion.

“I’ve said that long since! I’ve said that long since! The reason that the Conrad Group has been very bullish on our magazine lately is certainly that it wants to support Vivian! Mr. Conrad has really done everything he can in order to get a smile from her!”

“No wonder recently I heard that Mr. Leif has the intention of finding an endorser for the Puppy Love’ Series. With the support of the Conrad Group which is a powerful group, no wonder Vivian is able to stand out from many models who are better than her to do a catwalk in the show this time.”

“But I’ve heard that Mr. Conrad’s wife is quite beautiful and is not inferior to Vivian at all. He doesn’t need to do so, right…”

“This is the part where you don’t understand. No matter how beautiful the one at home is, the slut outside is still more coquettish. Don’t think that Vivian is apparently simple-minded, she’s actually very capable at pleasing men.”

“I still have big news which is certainly accurate. Mr. Conrad and his wife have divorced.copy right hot novel pub

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