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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 22: Seems Like You Have Forgotten One Thing

Stella was confused.

“I mean the divorce.”

“Thank you, I don’t need it.”

After Stella finished her words, she left without stopping.

Just after she walked out of the door, she felt a resentful gaze from the wall.

Stella ignored it and left straight away.

After going downstairs, Stella asked Sherry for the contact information of the staff of the advertising agency that helped Vivian to take shots today. She directly sent a copy of the recording over.

She was not a kind person anyway. This time, it was not that she was smack talking with Vivian for fun.

She would settle all the scores that should be settled.

Half a month later, Puppy Love’ Series was officially launched. The responses from the market were very good and they were all urging other series to be launched.

Stella had gone to the office of SG Jewelry Magazine several times to have meetings. As before, she could still produce three models of jewellery a month but Stanford said that there was no need to rush first. Every product had its market demand so as long as new models could be launched consistently in the market, it would be fine.

The more important thing right now was the international fashion show next month.

SG Jewelry Magazine was the organizer of the show this time and Stella was the designer of SG Jewelry Magazine. If the show this time was held perfectly, the work designed by her would have a great opportunity to appear on stage. It also meant that her design would be recognized internationally.

But then, in addition to designing a successor to the Puppy Love’ Series, Stella was also responsible for the design of all the jewellery of the show this time, which drastically increased her workload.

The good thing was that Stanford had sent an assistant to help her. She only needed to produce the design while the show-related communication with the clothing model and the selection of jewellery material would all be done by the assistant.

Seeing her working in the middle of the night every day, Sherry was a bit worried, “Stella, will you be too tired to work like this, you’re still pregnant.”

Stella touched her belly and said while smiling, “This little one has been very obedient lately and basically doesn’t cause me troubles. I’m fine.”

Sherry knew that she was forced to give up her dream of designing three years ago and this was why she extraordinarily cherished the opportunity now in which she had spared no effort.

After a while, Sherry said, “Then you have to think for the sake of yourself in addition to just working. Horace has looked for me many times recently. It seems that he is almost going to the door of the magazine to stop me. Anyway, you and Clarence have already divorced and he is so persistent, how about you…”

Stella shook her head, “The thing between Horace and I has long since ended.”

“You should consider about it, give yourself a chance and give him one too.”

“Sherry, I’m with a child in my belly now. Do you think Horace will accept to become the father.copy right hot novel pub

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