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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 2: You Are Shameless

After knowing Stella wanted to get divorced, Sherry Perry, who was her best friend chastised Clarence indignantly for ten minutes and then said, “That bastard really didn’t give you a single cent? He spent tons of money on those young models outside, and he’s actually that stingy towards you who is his wife?”

“I don’t think he’s stingy though. I’ve taken quite a big sum of money from him these three years. He’s already kind enough to not ask me to pay the debt.”

“You can’t think like that. You’re husband and wife, his money is your money, and your money is your money! Plus, he takes advantage of you every day, what’s wrong in spending some of his money!” Stella’s temples throbbed and she said, “Could you use another word?” Sherry calmed down for a moment. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

Stella curled up on the couch yet she still could not hold back her anger. She then scolded, “I spoke up about the divorce today, and that bastard actually asked how much money do I want? He didn’t even look at the divorce agreement, as if he’s scared that I’ll make unreasonable demands or take his life! Come on!”

“By the way, why did you want to get divorced? Why not just stick to him and see who’s going to give up first?” Having heard that, Stella calmed down once more. “Oh, Vivian Sean has become pregnant.” Vivian Sean was a young model who had little renown recently. She was very close to Clarence and anyone who was not blind could tell that they had an unusual relationship.

Stella had gotten married to Clarence for three years. She knew how much Clarence hated her. Going home twice a month was his greatest tolerance limit. Their intimacy every time was just a matter of routine. Clarence did not have any single feeling towards her. He would do anything to make her feel pain.

Vivian was not the first woman who showed up beside Clarence, and Stella did not pay attention to her. It was until one week ago, when she was delightfully choosing present for the upcoming third wedding anniversary, Vivian suddenly took the pregnancy test report and showed up before her, declaring with complacence and pride, “I’m pregnant, it’s time to hand over your position as Mrs. Conrad.”

When she saw the report, Stella felt that the faith she had on Clarence and their relationship by deceiving herself these three years was all smashed by reality. Those memories mercilessly showed up in her mind as if reminding her that although she thought that the woman before her was despicable and disgusting, the reason she could marry Clarence was because she was using the same trick too, which was threatening him with the child in her tummy.

She disgusted Clarence, just like how the woman disgusted her. It was just that someone had repeated her original trick.

Sherry was exasperated. “How could that be the same, Clarence was single when you married him, yet Vivian obviously knew your existence, and she still wanted to replace you.copy right hot novel pub

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