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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 186: You Can Get It Back by Doing Me

Clarence gradually pulled a long face. He stared at her silently.

Stella felt a bit unease under his gaze and said politely, “Mr. Conrad, can you please leave now? It’s already now. I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Clarence looked displeased, “When you dated Emmett just now, you didn’t care about your work at all.”

“Life and work are equally important and I can’t work for 24 hours every day.” Stella took a glance at him and added, “Mr. Conrad, unlike you, I’m so busy. You can even put aside such a big company, broke into other’s house, said some indescribable words and did some inexplicable things.

Clarence said in a flat tone, “I’m not always leisured.”

Stella said sincerely, “I sincerely hope that the Conrad Group will develop prosperous and that Mr. Conrad will have to busy with your work every day.”

Clarence sneered, “Stella Radomil, where’s your conscience?”

Look, this wretched man finally betrayed himself.

His gentleness just now was just his pretense.

Stella said, “This is my sincere wish for you. Mr. Conrad, you’re somehow ungrateful.”

Clarence lifted his hand to pinch her chin and narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Dare you repeat your words again? Who is the ungrateful one?”

Stella curled her lips into a perfunctory smile, “Mr. Conrad, are there also some problems with your ears?”

“Can you not be so aggressive towards me?”

“Mr. Conrad, what attitude do you suppose I to have? You broke into my house like a robbery. In the face of such a behavior, I think I’ve showed you some respect as I didn’t call the police.”

Clarence stared for a while. After a short while, he suddenly chuckled, “You’re really awesome. Your attitude was totally different when you were begging me. You’re so two-faced.”

Stella didn’t feel embarrassed at all. She retorted righteously, “Men are also different before and after having sex with a woman. Are you qualified to criticize me?”

Clarence was rendered speechless.

Stella continued to satirize him, “Aren’t I right? Mr. Conrad, please recall how you hate me over the past three years. It was as if you would be nauseated for a long while if I touched your finger. But you had sexes with me again and again.

Clarence slightly moved his thin lips, trying to make an explanation. But he didn’t know what to say.

“So please don’t say that I have two faces again, Mr. Conrad. After all, you often satirized me right after having sex with me.”

Moreover, every time when he had sex with her, he would deliberately bring pain to her.copy right hot novel pub

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