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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 185: You Change Your Attitude So Abruptly

When Sherry was still appreciating it in her heart, the door beside her was suddenly pushed open.

Without hesitation, Sherry closed the door behind him as quick as she could and then looked at him with a smile.

Daniel took a glance at the closed door and then at Sherry, “I seemed to hear someone talking just now. Did your friend visit you?”

Sherry made an excuse, “Nope. Maybe Stella is watching TV and you misheard it.”

Sherry wasn’t sure whether Daniel was convinced or not. When he was about to go back, he paused and looked at Sherry again, “Why are you standing at the door? Why don’t you go back?”

“Oh…” Sherry quickly racked her mind, “Didn’t you invite me to your house to have canned food together? I suddenly felt hungry and wanted to find you.”

Daniel was rendered speechless.

Sherry was satisfied with the excuse as even she herself thought it perfect.

Before Daniel could react, Sherry had walked to him, “I haven’t tried canned food. You even missed your canned food when going to the restaurant with me. I guess that it must taste good. I really look forward to it.”

Daniel covered his mouth with one fist and coughed, “You… Please take a seat first.”

He pulled open the door of the refrigerator and felt him temples thumping when he saw the scene.

What a frustrated excuse.

Seeing that Daniel was motionless, Sherry asked with concern, “What’s wrong? Do you need my help?”

Daniel closed the door of the refrigerator, “Seems like I’ve finished the canned food. Let me order some take-outs.”

Sherry blinked her eyes, “No problem.”

She agreed to it without a second thought, so Daniel could only pick up his phone. He asked, “What would you like?”

“I can eat anything. Just order some food casually.”

Sherry wouldn’t care about it even Daniel would think that she was cheeky.

After all, she couldn’t come back now. And she would rather stay in Daniel’s home cheekily than squatting at the door of her house.

After ordering the take-outs, Daniel poured a glass of water and handed it to Sherry, “Would you like to call your friend here?”

Sherry hurriedly replied, “She’s working hard to lose weight and she doesn’t want to eat anything in the evening.”

Daniel smiled lightly and sat down beside her. He didn’t say anything else.

Holding the glass of water, Sherry stole a glance at Daniel from time to time. Since Daniel and Emmett were friends, she mustn’t let Daniel know that Clarence was now in her house as he was here to find Stella. Otherwise, it would easily cause misunderstanding even though nothing happened between Stella and Clarence.

Sensing her gaze, Daniel looked up, “What’s the matter.”

“No… Nothing.”

Sherry withdrew her lines of sights and slowly took a sip of the water.copy right hot novel pub

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