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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 180: He Seemed to Not Give up No Matter What

In five minutes, Nathan pulled over the car next to them. He got off and pulled the rear door open.

Clarence put Stella in and walked to the other side to get in the car.

When Nathan was about to enter the address information in GPS, he recalled the lesson lat time. He coughed to clear his throat and asked, “Ms. Radomil, where are you going?”

Stella told him an address in a flat tone. Then she leaned against the back of the seat and huddled up in the corner, closing her eyes.

Shortly after, she felt a coat was put on her body.

She didn’t move, and nor did she want to speak to him. She slightly tilted her body, turning her back to him.

Clarence said, “Drive.”

“Yes, Mr. Conrad.”

On the way back, it was quiet in the car. Clarence thought that Stella seemed to have fallen asleep for real.

He turned around and looked at her in silence, recalling the question she asked him just now.

Although the little thing’s status was far better than before, nobody could guarantee if there would be any accident in the future.

He decided to wait a bit longer. If the little thing was fine, he would send the baby to her. Anyway, she didn’t have to know anything about it now.

As if she had felt his gaze, the woman who seemed to have fallen asleep reached out her hand under the coat and lifted it to cover her head.

Clarence watched her do it silently.

He pressed his lips and withdrew his gaze.

In half an hour, the car was parked downstairs of Stella’s apartment.

Nathan had to speak to break the lifeless atmosphere in the car, “Excuse me, Ms. Radomil. We’ve arrived.”

The woman under the coat moved a bit. She pushed the coat away and sat up. She said in an indifferent tone, “Thank you.”

Stella pulled the door open. When she was about to get off, she heard Clarence’s voice behind her, “You are not allowed to go tomorrow.”

Upon hearing his tone, Stella was angry again, “I am going!”

After that, she smashed the door close and left without looking back.

Looking at her receding figure, Clarence gritted his teeth in anger.


Sherry had been waiting at home for a long while but Stella still hadn’t come back. She dialed Stella’s phone number but couldn’t reach her. She panicked. When she was about to go out and look for her, the door was opened.

Sherry walked up, “Stella, where have you been? Where are your shoes?”

Stella shook her head, “They were not cozy. I tossed them away.”

“Did you come back on barefoot? It’s snowing outside. Stella, you...”

“It’s alright.copy right hot novel pub

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