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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 178: You Cared about Mrs. Conrad Occasionally

Emmett frowned, “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“No, thanks. It’s my old disease. I’ll be fine soon.”

Although she said so, Emmett was still a bit worried, “Are you sure?”

Stella nodded, “Yes.”

Emmett pressed his lips, “All right. If you still don’t feel well later, do let me know. We shall go to the hospital for a checkup.”


Fortunately, the light above the audience seats was quite dim, so Emmett didn’t see anything wrong.

After Emmett withdrew his gaze, Stella turned to look at Clarence and frowned deeply. She said with her lips, “Let go!”

Clarence pretended that he didn’t see it. Instead, he looked at the stage.

Stella inhaled deeply. Raising her foot, she stomped on his foot rudely.

She was wearing high heels today, so it might hurt a lot.

Sure enough, she heard the man groan next to her.

However, even so, he still didn’t release his grip on her hand.

This was the very first time that he was so shameless in Stella’s presence. She went furious.

When she was about to give him the second stomp, Clarence immediately let go of her hand.

Stella sneered. He deserved it.

After such a ridiculous event, Stella wasn’t in the mood to continue enjoying the concert. When Daniel went off the stage to change his costume and get ready for the next program, she turned around and whispered, “Emmett, I’m sorry. I have something urgent to deal with. I have to go now.”

After that, Stella stood up to leave.

Emmett immediately followed her, “Please let me give you a ride.”

When he passed by the seat, he surprisingly found that Clarence had taken Sherry’s seat. He looked expressionless.

Being polite, Emmett slightly nodded at him as the greeting.

Seeing that they were gone one after another, Clarence licked his thin lips. He looked down at his palm on which Stella’s temperature still remained. He also stood up and followed them.

Sherry sat on the seat and looked towards the exit, and then at the stage. In the end, she stomped and chased them out.

In the corridor, Emmett asked, “Stella, are you still not well?”

Stella stopped, turned around, and shook her head, “No. It’s just something urgent happened.”

“Where are you going? Let me ride you home.”

“Nothing. Please don’t bother, Emmett. I can go there myself. You should go back to the concert.”

Emmett smiled, “I also want to get some fresh air and have a walk outside. Let me walk you to the entrance.copy right hot novel pub

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