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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 173: She Just Wants to Revenge on Me

The airport, City N.

While pulling out his cell phone, Clarence walked out of the exit.

Nathan followed him. After receiving a call, he walked up and whispered, “Mr. Conrad, Miss Conrad went to Mrs. Conrad’s studio tonight.”

The man creased his good-looking brows. He asked in a cold tone, “What has she done?”

“Miss Conrad took a few men from the Conrads’ Mansion and wanted to make a scene, but...”

Clarence paused and cast a glance at him, “Go on.”

Nathan immediately continued, “Mr. Carter happened to show up and stopped Miss Conrad.”

Clarence pressed his lips. When he was about to say something, a few messages popped up on his cell phone.

The latest one was sent to him by Vincent half an hour ago.

In the photo, Stella and Emmett were sitting in a restaurant, chatting and laughing as if there were nobody around.

Clarence tightened his grip on the cell phone, and his knuckles had gone pale.

Nathan tentatively called him, “Mr. Conrad?”

Clarence said in a cold tone, “Got back to the Conrads’ Mansion.”

“Yes, Mr. Conrad.”

On the way, Clarence kept staring out of the window. After a while, he asked, “How’s your investigation going? Found anything?”

Nathan nodded and reported, “Although Mrs. Joanna has almost erased every evidence, I found the person who called the emergency call. According to her, Mrs. Conrad fell off the stairs in the shopping mall. When she saw the scene, only Mrs. Conrad was there alone. Hence, she didn’t know if she missed the step and fell or was pushed down. However, Miss Conrad went abroad that evening after the incident happened to Mrs. Conrad. In my opinion...”

Clarence didn’t speak. His handsome and cool features were covered with a murderous look.

Half an hour later, the black Rolls-Royce passed through the carved gate and was pulled over next to the garden.

When Dempsey heard that Clarence came back, a trace of unhappiness flashed through his face, “Why did he come back?”

Since Stella had the car accident and Dempsey failed to attain his hopes, he wasn’t in the mood to maintain the thin family affection with Clarence anymore.

The most regretful thing that he had done this life was to take in Clarence after Justin had encountered the car accident, despite the objections from others.

Otherwise, he would have to put on so much effort to snatch Conrad Group back.

Dempsey took a deep breath.copy right hot novel pub

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