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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 169: How Do You Know He Has a Crush on Me

After they returned to the box, the dinner was almost done. The classmates were chitchatting.

Madison saw them come back and said more ironically, “You are indeed busy. We are all waiting for you two. Emmett is a big boss, but he’s not so busy.”

Before Sherry retorted her, Emmett chimed in, “I’m not busy usually. I’ve almost given all my jobs to my subordinates.”

As soon as he finished speaking and before Madison understood, another woman burst into laughter.

Just now, Madison was showing off her husband was an executive manager of a big company who was always busy and couldn’t go home. However, he was still working for his boss, wasn’t he? Emmett’s indifferent answer implied something and they all understood who he was referring to.

At the table, other people tried hard to hold their laughter as well.

The purpose that Madison came to this reunion without the invitation was that she wanted to show off how rich her husband was.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t achieve her goal but was retorted.

Madison was so angry, but Emmett didn’t call her name and referred to her clearly. She couldn’t blow up at all but could only suppress her anger.

After the reunion ended, everyone left gradually.

Emmett looked over at Stella and Sherry, “I happen to be free now. Please allow me to give you girls a ride.”

Stella smiled politely, “No, thanks. We drove here...”

Sherry immediately answered, “That’s great. My car was broken down.”

Stella looked at her in confusion.

Sherry said solemnly, “Stella, have you forgotten? On the way here, my car broke down from time to time. Right right after I parked in the basement parking lot, it couldn’t move.”

“How come I didn’t...”

“You didn’t drive, so you don’t know it certainly.” As she spoke, Sherry dragged Stella towards Emmett’s car and said to Emmett, “Thank you so much.”

Emmett smiled, “You are welcome.”

Sherry pulled the door next to the passenger seat and pressed Stella in, “I’m not very well. I want to sit in the backseat alone. Stella, sit here.”

Stella was speechless.

She was quite certain about Sherry’s purpose now.

However, since Emmett was with them, Stella couldn’t make her denial so obvious. She glared at Sherry in secret and fastened the seat belt.

Sherry pretended not to see the glare. She hummed a song and sat in the backseat.copy right hot novel pub

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