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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 166: I’ve Divorced

On the second day, the black Rolls-Royce was pulled over at the roadside.

Nathan pressed down the car window and peered out. Then he withdrew his gaze. He said gingerly as if he was going to be killed the next second, “Mr. Conrad, the studio seems to be closed. I guess Mrs. Conrad has taken the weekend off.”

Clarence pressed his thin lips and looked up at Nathan, “Do you think she has done it purposely?”

Yesterday he told her that he would come to fine her today, but she deliberately closed the store today.

Nathan could only smile bitterly inwardly. It was just the lovers’ temperament and interest between the Conrad couple. How could he know?

Clarence inhaled, “Call her and ask her where she is now.”

Upon hearing it, Nathan immediately pulled out his cell phone. A few seconds later, he whispered, “Mr. Conrad, Mrs. Conrad has also blocked my number.”

Clarence was speechless.

Right then, Nathan saw a written notice pasted at the door of the studio. He pulled the door open and approached closer to read.

There was a contact number on the notice. It said that the client could call this number if there was something urgent.

Nathan immediately dialed the number. After a few beeps, the phone was answered.

Sherry said, “Hello, who is that please?”

Nathan said, “Miss, I want to buy a designed necklace, but after I’ve arrived at your gate, it turns out that your studio is closed. May I know when you’ll be back?”

“Oh... I’m sorry. My friend and I came to our classmate reunion today. If you are not in a hurry, you can come to our store tomorrow and have a detailed discussion.”

“I see.” Nathan turned around and looked at the man sitting in the black Rolls-Royce, “Our boss needs it as soon as possible. Would you mind giving us your location, please? We can go to discuss with you right now.”

Sherry hesitated.

Nathan immediately added, “Our boss will be on a business trip tonight and won’t come back until half a month later. He wants to design a gift for his girlfriend, so he’d like to meet the designer in advance.”

Sherry thought for a moment and agreed, “Okay, I’ll send you a location later. We can meet here. Thanks for your understanding.”

Since the client came to them and insisted, she couldn’t send them away.

Besides, they would only discuss the design. It shouldn’t take them much time.

“Not at all. I’m sorry for troubling you.”

After hanging up the phone, Nathan finally breathed a sigh of relief.copy right hot novel pub

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