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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 165: I’ll Come to Find You Tomorrow

Stella felt quite weird. She raised her head and asked, “Then what?”

Clarence said, stressing each syllable, “Have you paid by all the favors you’ve owed him?”

“Mr. Conrad, it has nothing to do...”

“When will you pay me back my favors to you?”

Upon hearing it, Stella was speechless.

Inwardly, she couldn’t help but curse him.

In the past, he asked her to pay back the money she borrowed. Now he wanted her to pay back the favors she owed him. She wondered for how long this wretched man wanted to torture her.

Noticing the fury surged in her beautiful eyes, Clarence took a step back. He said in a steady tone, “I’m not anxious. You can take your time.”

Stella closed her eyes and failed to suppress her anger, “Mr. Conrad, on the heck do you want? Like what I’ve said, if you don’t want to let go of me, you can revenge on me at one time.”

“No, I can’t,” said Clarence, “Don’t you know I’m a businessman? A businessman always likes to adopt a long-term plan to gain something big. I’ve never put all the baits in a one-go.”

“Oh, excuse me, Mr. Conrad, what on earth do you want to gain from me then?”

Clarence curled up his thin lips slightly. Raising his hand, he pointed at her chest with his index finger.

Stella choked up.

Subconsciously, she hid her chest while folding her arms.

She knew that the wretched man had a nasty mind.

Upon Clarence realized what she was thinking, his temples popped. His finger landed on the back of her hand. He looked down at her and said meaningfully, “Stella, this thing will belong to me sooner or later.”

Stella patted his hand off with a frown. Disgust and resistance were written all over her face.

She said, “Mr. Conrad, probably I didn’t make things clear before. I don’t think it’s necessary for us to keep in touch. Besides, I don’t want to see your face any longer. Mr. Conrad, if you believed that I’ve owed you some favors and you want me to pay them back, please let me know your requests. I’ll try my best to...”

“Stella, you should know it clearly - you don’t have the final say to start or end anything.”

Stella was speechless.copy right hot novel pub

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