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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 164: You Don’t Deserve to Know It

Vincent took steps back to protect himself. In a hurry, he said, “Don’t panic, Clarence. I just stated an objective fact. Just think what you’ve done to her before. If you were her, would you just let it go so easily?”

“Didn’t I treat her nicely?”

“Did you treat her well?”

Upon hearing Vincent’s question, Clarence withdrew his gaze. He gulped down two glasses of wine and said in a low voice, “She lied to me first. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done those things to her.”

Vincent said, “Clarence, until now, based on how much you know about Stella, do you still think she has lied to you in the past? Do you still believed that she has married into the Conrad family with the excuse of her fake pregnancy?”

Listening to him, Clarence couldn’t help tightening his pinch on the wine glass. He creased his brows a slight.

“Stella is smart, pretty, and talented. She has a lot of advantages. Even if she hasn’t married you, a lot of outstanding men would be after her. You like her also because you are attracted when getting along with her. However, if she were truly that kind of woman who uses every possible means to achieve her goals such as using the fake pregnancy as an excuse, would she still be a charming woman?”

Clarence’s chin was tightened. The idea that he had ignored always was enlightened by Vincent. Suddenly, Clarence had an awful thought.

Since they got married, Stella only asked him for money a few times.

Each time, she didn’t ask for much and she also wrote him the IOU notes.

She borrowed the money all because of Jeffrey.

Besides, she didn’t use the position of Mrs. Conrad to gain any benefits.

After divorcing him, even if the rumors said that she was a mistress, she never explained and said that Clarence was her ex-husband.

Vincent raised his goblet and shook, “Anyway, you should look into the matter that happened three years ago.”

Clarence stood up and strode away with an annoyed look.

Vincent turned around, “Wait. Wait. Are you done with drinking?”

Out of Twilight Club, Clarence said to Nathan, “Go investigate what happened during my business trip in London three years ago.”

At that time, he felt quite annoyed as soon as seeing Stella’s face. He stayed in London for two months with the excuse of being on a business trip. On the evening back, when seeing Stella’s flat belly, Clarence sneered and mocked her. Without asking her anything, he directly confirmed that her pregnancy was fake.

Nathan followed him. After a thought, he said, “Mr. Conrad, during that time, Miss Conrad suddenly went abroad. Shall I also look into this matter as well?”

Clarence paused his pace, frowning deeply, “You meant Annie?”

Nathan nodded, “Miss Conrad went abroad quite suddenly. I heard that she also canceled a very important party. However, it was all arranged by Mrs. Joanna’s men. I’ll look into the matter in detail later.copy right hot novel pub

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