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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 163: Does She Like You

Stella didn’t regret anything though. At least, they could keep their pure first love.

Sherry said, “Forget it. Let the bygones be bygones. By the way, we’ll have a college classmates reunion tomorrow. I also told them that you’ll go with me. Let’s go there together.”

Upon hearing that, Stella was taken aback. She said, “But I still have a lot of design drafts...”

“Nothing. You don’t need to get them ready just in one or two days, do you? You might be high inspired when you are relaxed.” Sherry said thoughtfully, “We haven’t reunited with our classmates for a long time. Everyone was asking how you are doing.”

Seeing that Stella was still a bit hesitant, Sherry wrapped her arm, shaking slightly, “Stella, please! I truly would love to go to the reunion!”

Convinced by Sherry’s requests and begs, Stella said with a smile, “Okay. Okay. I’ll go with you.”

She had been quite busy in the past few months and hadn’t had a good rest. It shouldn’t be bad to hang out.


Conrad Group.

Within the recent several days, Nathan could feel that the cold and stressed atmosphere accumulated in the CEO’s office. Everyone who entered here held their breath carefully.

Nathan, the person who always went back and forth of the office, felt more bitter than anyone else did. He also felt the stress that he had never felt since he started working.

Clarence signed on a document. Nathan walked up and took it over. He said tentatively, “Excuse me, Mr. Conrad...”

“Go ahead,” Clarence uttered two words in a cold tone.

Nathan continued, “I just got the news - Mr. Jason is going to Switzerland. His plane is taking off in half an hour.”

Clarence’s hand that was holding a pen paused. He raised his head and looked at Nathan coldly, “Do you want me to see him off?”

Nathan coughed to clear his throat, “Mr. Jason won’t come back until at least two years later after he goes to Switzerland.”

Clarence pressed his thin lips. After a few seconds, he asked, “For real?”

“Yes.copy right hot novel pub

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