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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 161: No One Would Want to Compete Against such a Person

As she spoke, she smiled disdainfully, “I wondered why he wastes his time on this kind of person.”

“Excuse me, Ms. Steward. Where are we going now?”

“Go home.”

Half an hour later, the black car was driven into the Stewards.

When Phoebe arrived home, Charles was reading a newspaper in the garden. Hearing the sound, he looked up at her and asked, “Phoebe, where have you been?”

Phoebe answered, “I... I went shopping with my friends. What’s up, Dad?”

Charles put down the newspaper and took a sip of the tea, “Nothing. Since your engagement with the Conrad family has been called off, we don’t have any relationship with them any longer. You’d better not go to the Conrads’ Mansion in the future.”

Upon hearing it, Phoebe paused a bit, “Dad...”

“I know it was Clarence Conrad’s personal decision to call off the marriage and it almost had nothing to do with the Conrad family, but people will talk. I don’t want you to be gossiped in private.”

“Dad, I understand what you meant. I won’t go to the Conrad family anymore in the future.”

Charles nodded, “Okay. You may leave now.”

Phoebe slightly pressed her lips. She wanted to say something but she didn’t utter any word eventually. After a hum, she went upstairs.

Charles picked up the newspaper again, continuing to read the financial news today.

Since more than two months ago the Conrad family announced to call off the marriage with the Steward family, Steward Group started to suppress a few cooperated companies, which more or less made trouble for their cooperated projects with Conrad Group.

Those companies didn’t have the guts to be against Conrad Group. Now, they had Steward Group as their backer, so they worked together and made some bold movements.

They had thought that they would give Clarence a heavy blow more or less and cause a certain negative impact on Conrad Group. However, Clarence didn’t take them seriously at all - he directly changed the companies to cooperate in the projects decisively and quickly, causing some loss for those companies off-guard as if he had planned it long ago.

No one would want to compete against such a person.

Charles returned to his senses and folded the newspaper in half. When he was about to stand up, he saw a notice in a missing-persons column.

When he saw the photo of the notice, his expressionless face had a crack, his eyes full of disbelief.


“What did you do? Did you post the photo in a newspaper? But, nowadays, fewer and fewer people will read the newspaper. Are you sure it works?”

Looking at Sherry’s shocked face, Channing said flatly, “Just have a try.”

“Then..copy right hot novel pub

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